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2.2 GB Witcher 3 PC Update is Optional, Can Be Deleted Safely

The new Witcher 3 patch pushed to Steam contains information that doesn't affect the game itself.


If you own The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC via Steam and recently logged in, an update might have started downloading for the game. This patch contains extra material outside of the game, and it can be safely deleted without affecting the game itself.

Coming in at 2.2 GB, the update is big and might be troublesome for users with limited hard drive space. A member of developer CD Projekt Red explained on Steam that the update adds more language options for the game's art book, manuals, and maps, as well as some additional wallpapers.

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As Reddit user madn3ss795 discovered, however, this content is completely optional. If you want to free up that disc space, simply go into the game's directory and locate the artbook, map, and manual subfolders. Deleting these will not affect your game. Just make sure to leave the bin, content, and DLC subfolders untouched.

If you wish to re-download this extra content at a later date, you'll have to go into the Steam menus and "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" for the game.

Recently, the developer announced a big patch for the game that affects many aspects of its mechanics, such as movement speed and inventory organization. Check back on GameSpot for all news about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as it becomes available.

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