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2018 Super Bowl Winner Predicted by Madden 18: Can the Eagles Beat The Patriots?

Are you ready for some football?

Super Bowl Sunday is finally upon us and in anticipation of the big game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, we ran our own simulation between these two teams in Madden NFL 18. We set the stage for our own Super Bowl LII matchup taking place in Minneapolis, Minnesota with full 15 minute quarters and updated rosters. In the video above, we've cut highlighted the biggest plays and moments for your viewing pleasure, and even called the plays from our booth.

Since we wanted to get a somewhat accurate prediction, we've used current player rosters for both teams, so Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz had to sit this one out, just like in the real world. However, former Eagles starting QB Nick Foles has been able to use his experience to lead the team through the playoffs, but is now up against this strong Patriots defense. However, Tom Brady and the Patriots offense need to face the second-ranked defense in NFL coming from the Eagles, so this won't be a walk in the park for the five-time Super Bowl champion QB.

Clutch plays from both teams come up every quarter, from amazing catches to long rushes, but plenty of fumbles and big mistakes turn the tide at key moments of the game. We hope you enjoy our Super Bowl prediction video, called by GameSpot's own Nick Margherita and Michael Higham with our "sideline" reporter Rob Handlery. Go Pats? Fly Eagles Fly? Find out what happens in our Super Bowl simulation!

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