2018 Super Bowl Commercials: Best May Be From Westworld Season 2

Westworld is going to the Super Bowl!


HBO's promotional blitz for Westworld Season 2 has officially begun. While there isn't a premiere date for the upcoming new season, it has been confirmed that the show will make its debut in the spring. However, it may not be long before fans find out when exactly new episodes will arrive.

It's been revealed that Westworld Season 2 will have a commercial during the Super Bowl. According to Entertainment Weekly, it's the first time since 1998 that HBO has purchased ad time during the big football game. While it remains unknown just how much the trailer will give away--or what the plot of Season 2 will be--EW says the trailer is directed by Jonathan Nolan, who co-created the series with Lisa Joy, and it will include exclusive footage that will not appear on the show.

HBO has also released a short teaser via Westworld's Twitter account that teases the show's Super Bowl presence. The short video, like a lot of Westworld's viral marketing, looks like it's captured from Delos computer systems and hints at major problems in the Journey into Night celebration that ended Westworld Season 1.

There has also been an update to the Delos company website, part of the show's massive ARG efforts, that points fans to the Super Bowl, which takes place in Minneapolis. "Our current market testing tells us that now, more than ever, people are looking to escape their reality," it reads. "With this strategy in mind, we are expanding our outreach campaign, starting with boots on the ground in Minneapolis. We are proud to announce a rebrand years in the making, placing Delos Destinations at the forefront of a new age. There has never been a better time to live without limits."

With so much effort being put into promoting the show's Super Bowl commercial, chances are this is going to be a big moment for Westworld fans. After all, the trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con only included footage from the first few weeks of Season 2 filming. Now production of the episodes is complete. That's a lot of footage to choose from when it comes to teasing the new season.

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