2014 Proleague pre-season to take place on December 15/16th

The highly anticipated 2014 Proleague season will officially enter its pre-season in a matter of days.


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Along with the dates, the format for the pre-season has also been announced, a three-match set featuring two Bo3's and a 2v2 match will be the official format of the matches that will start in three days time. The 2v2 portion of the announcement is somewhat unexpected, as it has been more than five years since the 2v2 match format was last used in Proleague.

What's interesting to note is that the broadcasting of the pre-season will be handled solely by SPOTV and not OGN, who both shared the broadcasting of the last Proleague season. A media day, along with the pre-season has also been announced, which will take place on the 14th where it's safe to assume that most questions anyone will have about Proleague and broadcasting of the event will be answered.

Image Source: Dailyesports.com

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