$200 Wii to be announced Friday?

Source: See below. What we heard: Last week, leaked retail flyers pointed to the Wii's price dropping to $200 the weekend of September 27. Today, further evidence of such a price drop has surfaced on Engadget. The tech blog has posted a screenshot purportedly of an internal Best Buy memo with the...


Source: See below.

What we heard: Last week, leaked retail flyers pointed to the Wii's price dropping to $200 the weekend of September 27. Today, further evidence of such a price drop has surfaced on Engadget. The tech blog has posted a screenshot purportedly of an internal Best Buy memo with the title "Wii Price Drop Coming."

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"The Sept. 27 ad features the Wii on the back cover for $199.99. This is not a misprint; the new price will be effective on Sunday, Sept. 27," reads the memo. (Emphasis added.) If accurate, the timing of the price drop would emulate Nintendo's proclivity for launching products in North America on a Sunday, as it did with the DS in 2004 and the Wii in 2006.

"For now…please keep this quiet!" vainly implores the memo, before warning that, "Although this price drop has been mentioned in blogs, most people still do not know about this, so please don't discuss with customers until Nintendo makes their official announcement on Friday Sept. 25." (Emphasis in the original.)

The official story: "We don't have any information on this."-- Nintendo rep.

Bogus or not bogus?: Not bogus. With the Xbox 360 Elite currently the same price as the Wii (after rebate) and Wii sales sliding several months in a row, Nintendo needs to do something. Throw in the fact the Wii hardware was profitable on day one--and doesn't have high-definition graphics--and Nintendo would be ill-advised not to cut its price.

[UPDATE] Surprise! The $200 Wii price is now official.

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*goes to write down Wii with 4 games on his X-Mas list* seriously thats a very good price, I do think though like many have said, that they should launch like a fully HD Wii or some accessory for it.

Avatar image for shawise

Its better, but still to high i'll wait and see what the holiday's bring and if i don't find the bundle or color I like for the right price i'll simply wait for the HD version. The crave is over now its about the bottom dollar.

Avatar image for Carl_W21

anything about the Wii Fit Board prices ?

Avatar image for NerdyGeekboy

wait. the elite is the same price as the wii? i thought it was the same price as the ps3. well, i could be right or i could be an effin retard

Avatar image for wox232

No offense guys, but this has been common knowledge for weeks...

Avatar image for NerdyGeekboy

this should've happened last year or in 2007 but the wii is still cool

Avatar image for bgres077


Avatar image for striker131

Sold mine a while ago. It was cool at first, but got lame quick. The 360 and PS3 are doing me just fine.

Avatar image for Incetardis

"We don't have any information on this."-- Nintendo rep. you gotta love the blatant lies.

Avatar image for Kbs64

This is interesting

Avatar image for ColonelX24

Uh...don't really care about the Wii that much it just kind of ticked off a bunch of gamers just to get everyone else. Well, you turn on your friends you get a $50 price drop :P

Avatar image for Flint247

I will say, as a owner of a Wii, I really would like to play a 360 or PS3 right now. I appreciate the Wii and it's features, but I promised myself from the beginning that I would want ANOTHER console to have along with it. And I was right, because there aren't that many appealing games on the Wii, besides Brawl, MKwii, and others; 360 and PS3 have interesting games at this point. I still like the Wii, but it needs to be taken up a notch.

Avatar image for wiidsduelpack

The Wii is still the most expensive console. Its games are very limited compared to a 360 and a ps3 and yet most Nintendo fans buy them. This comes from a wii owner, but sincerely Punch Out seemed like a rip off for $50. It has no on-line service, no good multi player, and it is a short game. Not worth it for fifty. DK Jungle beat is $30, so Nintendo games can be lowered and still make a profit.

Avatar image for Cantius

Oh my god? I just might buy the Wii but sadly, my time with video games have lowered significantly ever since high school.

Avatar image for LqdSnk

As big a fan I am of Nintendo, I would rather have a 360 or PS3 at this point. There's just nothing to play on the Wii.

Avatar image for JAREDPELLT

isn't the wii gimmick over?

Avatar image for Beastcake

The price for the Wii was never the problem, it was the crap churned out for us supposed "hardcore gamers".

Avatar image for randhawa187

if you want to play sissy games. thats a good thing. If not, spend an extra 50 bucks and get a ps3 or a box....

Avatar image for jmb19812001

Nintendo has had a great run and they have not had to cut the price of their console until now. They came in the market with an innovative family oriented system, that has outsold the Microsoft and Sony. Yeah most third-party titles are garbage but you most of the stuff Nintendo puts out is pretty decent all things considered. I have had a 360 since it came out and only recently picked up a wii. I will have to say I am more of a 360 fan but my kids love the wii, my wife who never plays games actually gets in on it. So stategy wise Nintendo has had more success. We will only see what happens now that prices have been adjusted on all the systems.

Avatar image for qubeley

Yeah I agree with ItsEvo. I think the sales drop is because the market is saturated already. People who want one has one, so why buy more, especially if they are not breaking like no tomorrow.

Avatar image for ItsEvolution

Doesn't everyone who wants a Wii have one by now?

Avatar image for ThisIsntLeonard

$199, plus for all that family fun, another $200 for 3 controllers.

Avatar image for Nobri

@Sntg_XL My bad. Man, Nintendo is getting evil. Just like MS, who tries to suck out every dollar by charging you for everything.

Avatar image for Sntg_XL

@nobri Look at the editors note under the psn sales figures picture.

Avatar image for a7xfan7

Still costs too much.

Avatar image for Nobri

@Sntg_XL No they didn't.They just talked about PSN having 8 mil people.

Avatar image for supermike6

@Pineapple_Head I know, it was just a joke. I would've put a little tongue-sticking-out smiley to clarify but I hate those things.

Avatar image for Atari_7200

HOORAY! Now I can buy a wii for $200, wii fit for $100 then play Jillian Michaels Fitness for 5 seconds and puke up in disgust! Then I can be like everyone else, leaving there wii in a dusty heap for 3 months.

Avatar image for Sntg_XL

Nintedo just announced it during Sony's press confrence.

Avatar image for theBeorn

noooo! I wanted it to be $150 but okay i guess. this is better than nothing.

Avatar image for Pineapple_Head

@supermike6 Well my comment was directed for those who want some or all of the systems but haven't gotten around to get them yet. I own a 360, however, I would like to get the other two sometime soon.

Avatar image for Petercairns

The should do k this Christmas with this price drop and New Super Mario for the Wii!!

Avatar image for thps48

Yeah, they didn't add proof it was legit. I'd make a reference to the ON, but I doubt anyone would have the insane lawsuit-proof resources and knowledge to make something like this as opposed to a gag teaser. Maybe they're not as similar... -_-

Avatar image for supermike6

@Pineapple_Head Not really because we all bought them near launch

Avatar image for Pineapple_Head

PS3 Slim comes at $299. XBOX 360 Elite drops to $299 ($249 after rebate) and now Wii gets a price cut too. ^_^ It's a great time to be a gamer.

Avatar image for NINTENDOGOD100

Let's get something clear if the PS3 was the leading seller people would say it should happen because it has HD if the 360 was the leader people would say the same thing but since Nintendo came up with a marketing planned that i don't know actually worked they are getting beat around by the so-called "Hard-Core Gamers"? give me a break the wii is great for what it does the PS3 is great for what it does and the 360 is great for what it does and don't get me wrong I Have all three but I just enjoy the wii more I'd rather argue with the guy sitting next to me playing Co-op than the guy half the world away who could just disconnect when things started to go sour. The moral of the story children is love your system no matter what people say and stop acting like some of you have not and/or will never play a Wii and if you don't like wii sports bowling your just not human.

Avatar image for CamiKitten

I've heard people whine about how they won't get a wii til the price drop. Yet they own other this gen consoles lol. $200's a steal for a system that has more shovelware then the shelves can hold. I only own like 5 titles for it. o_O

Avatar image for Nobri

And another thing. If they do this, WHEN they do this, the Wii will be cheaper than the upcoming PSP Go. I think the PSP Go shouldn't be $250 just because you don't have to lug UMD's. You could do what the Go is forced to do on a regular PSP with a large enough Memory Stick. But back to Nintendo. Smart move. If the price stayed, no one would want to buy a Wii over the other consoles.

Avatar image for Nobri

Wouldn't it be brilliant if everyone kept lowering their prices to keep competing with each other?

Avatar image for XAF1

To be honest $200 or about $150 is what the Nintendo Wii should have originally come out at. And sorry Realacide, but I own both the Nintendo Wii and the Original Xbox and due to the NVIDIA chip in the first Xbox the Wii is still underpowered graphically even compared to the Original Xbox today. If the Wii could crank out half the graphical effects the Xbox did I think it would have a longer life span---even being somewhat underpowered. I wish that wasn't true but it is. The price drop is needed and Nintendo seriously needs to think about stepping things up the next gen. The price drop is good. Now Nintendo needs to overload the console with great games not just from itself but its third party partners as well.

Avatar image for unknownman25

They almost have to drop the Wii's price. Part of the appeal of the Wii for me anyway was the 250$ price tag copared to the 400$ one of the 360, I ended up getting the 360 anyway but the 150$ did make me think twice.

Avatar image for Lucidmike78

In my opinion everyone that has a Wii already has one and a $200 price change won't change things.

Avatar image for Madmangamer364

Eh. I have a Wii, so the price drop means nothing to me. However, I suppose that this will make a few people quite happy over the holiday season. Still, I don't understand the reasoning for this. We still haven't figured out how much of an impact the price drops of Microsoft's and Sony's systems have made on the Wii, if at all. I agree somewhat with the statement that "Nintendo needs to do something," but that 'something' didn't have to be a $50 price drop. The challenge the system has had all year is simply putting out enough must-have games to generate interest in purchasing the system. There's your reason for the drop in sales, along with the fact that it was impossible for the Wii to sustain the momentum it had coming into this year to begin with. I would have figured Nintendo would have at least waited to see how its major holiday releases held up before making this move. Maybe it was about time for a price drop, but doing this so quickly after seeing the other systems drop their prices suggests that Nintendo is now reacting, which is contrary to its approach of being a tone-setter and doing things differently. That is what has put Nintendo's two systems where they are today, and considering the Wii hasn't really hit a wall yet, it makes this move more of a gamble than a definite boost. This one is just a head-scratcher on a number of levels. Oh well... best of luck to them. :P

Avatar image for VERTIGO47

I still won't buy a Wii. $199 is still too damn expensive by Wii (GC tech) standards. The GC dropped to $99 by 2002. And the Wii is practically an overclocked GC with a fancy controller. Besides my GC still works perfectly and don't need a Wii for its B/C feature. I'll be too busy with my 360 and PS3 to even care or let alone worry about buying a Wii.

Avatar image for F0ZZY

theres simply nothing to play on it

Avatar image for XenoLair

"For now…please keep this quiet!"

Avatar image for MADDjoe

I with meta foxx278 on this one. Any price cut to anything is good. Why complain about paying less. Wii all ready has more sells than anyother system. Droping it's price will just increase that, and more games will be made for the Wii. Hopefully some triple A titles.

Avatar image for monson21502

get ready for mario hd. zelda hd, metriod hd. in about 2 years. ps wand and natal will be the final nail in the wii`s coffin. just hope wii hd launches at 199. then i might buy it

Avatar image for supermike6

On one hand, I think of the Wii as a colossal failure, almost to the extent of the Gamecube. It pretty much dropped off all hardcore gamers radars about two years after launch and the three games put out a year is just not enough. But the thing is, we all bought it. And so did a lot more people, so I guess for Nintendo its a success.

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