$20 PS2 GTA: LCS due 6/6/06

Console version of Tony Cipriani's mafia mix-ups heads to North American PlayStation 2s June 6 for $19.99, Europe June 9.


The day of release for a new installment of Grand Theft Auto for the PlayStation 2 has become synonymous with "sick" days, $50 out of the wallet, and late October. Taking advantage of its popularity and the holiday season, Rockstar Games has always sent each edition of its flagship franchise to stores just before November and has never found a reason to debut the games for less than half a Benjamin.

That's all about to change for the controversial game, as Rockstar today announced that Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories will be available for the PlayStation 2 on June 6 for an MSRP of $19.99. The game will come to Europe on June 9 for 29.99 euros ($37) or 19.99 GBP ($35).

Though this isn't the debut of this particular chapter of GTA (it was released late last October on the PSP), it is the debut of the game on a console--a very widespread one, at that.

Gamers anxious to return to Liberty City, the setting of Grand Theft Auto III, have long been wondering exactly when the game would come out (it was originally due in April but was then delayed) and how much it would be released for. The PS2 version was revealed in January and originally expected to hit stores in April, and Take-Two Interactive's CEO, Paul Eibeler, announced in March that the game would be cheaper than the $50 PSP version.

Though the game was already released for the PSP, it doesn't mean that this latest version doesn't have a chance to follow in its PS2 GTA predecessor's footsteps as a retail success. Though the PSP has shipped nearly 20 million units (as of the end of 2005, just over 15 million units shipped), the PS2 has sold more than 100 million units.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for the PlayStation 2 has not yet been rated, however, it's likely to receive the same M-for-Mature rating that its PSP counterpart had. As of press time, online retailers still listed the game at $29.99.

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