20 More Rock Band VR Songs Revealed, See Them All Here

The virtual reality music game has a seriously awesome soundtrack.


Earlier this month, Harmonix announced 21 of the songs that will be on Rock Band VR's soundtrack. Now, the developer has revealed 20 more--and there are some great ones here.

As detailed on Harmonix's website, the new tracks include a nice mixture of songs from a variety of eras and genres (as we've come to expect from the Rock Band series), including Blondie's classic rock hit "One Way Or Another" and Pearl Jam's famous '90s song "Alive." The pop song "I Will Wait" by Mumford and Sons and Carrie Underwood's "Church Bells" are also among the newly confirmed tunes. You can see all 20 of the just-announced Rock Band VR songs in the image below.

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Rock Band VR's soundtrack will feature a total of 60 songs, so there are 19 left to be announced. We will report back when those are revealed.

The Harmonix blog post also contains new details about Rock Band VR's campaign mode.

"Bringing the characters of Rock Band VR to life via a scripted narrative was a fun and exciting challenge for us, and a first for the Rock Band franchise," producer and writer Katie Naka said. "Since our goal with VR gameplay was to provide the player with as authentic an experience as possible, we wanted to do the same with our narrative. I can tell you that our first draft of the story probably contained enough material for a full length animated film.

"From that huge grouping of ideas, we pulled what we considered 'the greatest hits' and made the scenes that we knew we could pull off really well in VR. Our process from start to finish involved many written drafts, many visits to the motion capture studio, and a lot of travel to L.A. to cast and record our voice over with awesome and talented voice actors. The final result shows your bandmates (Derek, Maddy, and Wes) as unique characters with relationships to each other and you that are revealed over the course of your band Autoblaster's journey from playing dirty local bars to decadent theater."

Be sure to read the full blog post to learn more about Rock Band VR's campaign.

For more on Rock Band VR, which launches on March 23 for Oculus Rift, read GameSpot's previous coverage.

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