2 TB Xbox One in the Works, Source Says

The unannounced system could launch this year and may be announced at E3 next week.


It looks like one of Microsoft's E3 2016 surprises may have been revealed early.

A GameStop source told GameSpot today that the store's internal database was updated with a listing for a 2 TB Xbox One model. As you can see in the image below, the system is priced at $449. A placeholder release date of December 31, 2016 is also visible, suggesting it may come out this year.

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No further details about this console have been divulged, so we don't know just yet how it might differ from the existing unit, beyond the larger hard drive. We contacted Microsoft for comment, but were told, "We do not comment on rumors or speculation."

Microsoft has never released an Xbox One with a 2 TB hard drive. The company does sell versions of the system with 500 GB and 1 TB hard drives, however, including the 1 TB Elite model. This system started at $500, but now goes for $450 thanks to Microsoft's recent Xbox One price cut. All models of Xbox One also support external hard drives.

If this system is revealed at E3 next week, it might be just one console that Microsoft unveils. The company is also rumored to announce a slimmed-down Xbox One and potentially one or more streaming devices.

The Xbox E3 2016 briefing is slated for Monday, June 13, starting at 9:30 AM PST. You will be able to watch the show live on GameSpot, while we'll also have a liveblog and of course breakout news stories for everything that gets announced.

Would you be interested in an Xbox One with a 2 TB hard drive? Let us know in the comments below.

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I want a user replaceable hard drive...

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Holy hell that's an outrageous mark-up for something as worthless as internal storage.

You can get a default Xbox One + 4TB external for far cheaper. My god MS is freaking stupid...

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A 2tb Xbox one coming? For what? There's barely any games worth playing on it as it is. So why would you even need a 2 tb HD?

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Xbox one allows you to use external hard drives which are soo much cheaper. Why in the hell would you buy a whole new console.

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Anything less than a 4TB is a disappointment. Storage has become a big problem this generation.

Avatar image for nintendians

it better be the xbox one scorpio version.

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Once consoles go 4k, that will make the pc master race endangered. But, I'm not going 4k cuz UBISOFT has already stated that 30fps is the best fps becuz its the most cinematic and matches real movement. WTF were you nerds thinking when you bought a 2500$ pc running at 120fps...ridiculous.

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@jport7: A troll? Correct?

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@jport7: By the time consoles have 4K and 30fps, PC will be getting to know 8K.

I am no fan of PC for many reasons but anyone with eyes can see that PC is where you go if you care about power and frames per second.

Anything Ubisoft says is best ignored because they are incompetent assholes who haven't made an original game in nearly 10 years.

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@dexda: Was about to upvote your comment,before you needlessly slandered Ubisoft.

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I'd recommend at least 4TB, given many of these digital download games, and even discs that take up all that space. I don't know why a disc would take up about the same amount of space as a download itself. More ways for them to make money.

Avatar image for XxParasite

"2 TB Xbox One..." You mean an Xbox One with a 2 TB HDD? Because that's hardly something to distinguish it as a "model" - my PS2 has a 400 GB HDD. Is it a 400 GB PS2? No, because that's just silly. I would be more inclined to call the Xbox One an 8 GB machine, after its amount of RAM, which, unlike the HDD, is not just plugged into a standard connector like a PC part.

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Fantastic - but will they redesign the console to allow us to actually replace the internal hard drive ourselves instead of having external drives plugged into the machine like its on life support?

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Maybe the hard drive is not the only change, perhaps they have done something about the mod storage limit for FO4.

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Hardly revolutionary!

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People own Xbone?

Avatar image for davillain-

@zero_dawn: I don't know, you tell me?

Avatar image for i_p_daily

@zero_dawn: Time to go back under your bridge.

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Wow what is the point!

Oh I guess they'll be taking back all the unsold x1's and upgrading them, gota get rid some how.

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So funny you guys are lol

If you have a X1 already,this isnt for you.
This is for those who are about to buy one!
Noone forces you to sell your system now to get the slim version :-D
Except it comes with the Elite Controller...hmmm...interesting :-)

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@sladakrobot: You're right, it's just that price tag is waaay too high, if it's just an internal memory upgrade.

Avatar image for davillain-

@sladakrobot: I can definitely tell you this, I went out to buy Elite Controller like 3 months ago for my PC and it's the best money I spend and I always use it on my PC and only use KB/M only for FPS/RTS only.

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#Titanfall2 @nvidia #GameReady I need this card so I can continue to play Minecraft and other games the way they were ment to be played.

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I've had a 2TB PS4 for over two years now, thanks to Sony's focus on the consumer and the fact that they allow the user to replace the hard drive themselves.

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@otterbee: Screw that. I would rather just plug in an external. 4tb HDD here dude on my XB1. not supporting external HDD like MS and Nintendo shows how clueless Sony is to what gamers actually want.

Avatar image for XxParasite

@metalhead9806: Wait, the PS4 doesn't support external drives? Weird, since the PS3 does. ...Or wait, does it? I know that mine does (hell, it supports NTFS), but that's probably the CFW.

Avatar image for metalhead9806

@XxParasite: nope you have to open the PS4 up.

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@otterbee: Stop being a fanboy. It's good that the PS4 allows internal hard drive replacement, but the Xbox One offers eternal hard drives, which the PS4 hasn't offered. Not to mention, you can use any size external hard drive for the Xbox One, unless you want to buy a device to increase the storage limit for the PS4.

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Why does Xbone need a 2 TB HD? It doesn't have many games! Lolol.


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@zero_dawn: both consoles share 99% of their games. Exclusives make up a miniscule fraction of that. the AAA games alone on the XB1 would fill a 2tb HDD.

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@metalhead9806: thats an extreme overstatemebt.. 99% of games? They don't even share 1/4 the games, as evidenced by ps have 4 times a larger library....

99%.. haha

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@Mirimon78: The vast majority of AAA games are shared between consoles and PC. Sorry i wasnt counting trash indies that have been on PC for 2-3 years before the sloppy seconds end up on PS4.

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@Mirimon78: No, he's right.

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@battlestreak: that's a numerical impossibility... go on, do the math.

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@Mirimon78: Of course that number isn't the exact number. Are you mad? You said they didn't even share 25% of the same games. You're delusional.

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@battlestreak: dude... it has 4 times the library..... how could it share more games than it has???

Don't bother, this mist be higher level math for you huh?

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@Mirimon78: Are you saying the PS4 has four times as many games as the Xbox One? Is that what you're trying to say? Maybe communicate better?

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@zero_dawn: Don't be a fanboy. Nobody likes fanboys.