1920s Nordic Noir Draugen Is Coming To PS4 And Xbox One Soon

Find your missing sister.


Draugen, a first-person mystery adventure game from Norwegian developer Red Thread Games, is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be available on February 21, following its release on PC in May 2019.

The game casts players as Edward Harden, who is searching through the fictional Norwegian town of Graavik with his ward, Lissie, in search of his missing sister. As you explore the seemingly abandoned town, searching for clues, the darker secrets that haunt the area begin to come to light.

Don't expect a lot of heavy puzzles or anything, though--it's more about experiencing the mystery.

Red Thread Games has released a trailer for the game too--if you want to go in fresh, though, it might be worth avoiding.

The game received a 7/10 in our review. Jess McDonell said that the game had a lot of promise, even if it didn't quite nail the landing. "Leaving questions unanswered doesn't present a failure in the narrative, but rather the notion that Graavik feels like a town with so much more to say, whose inhabitants deserve to have more of their stories told. It's a theme the game vocalizes through Lissie's dialogue several times, and yet it rarely provides concrete answers as to what precisely happened in the town."

Red Thread Games is best known for developing Dreamfall Chapters.

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