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19-year-old wrecks stepfather's motorcycle after Xbox outburst

Utah man arrested for damaging his stepfather's bike after his stepdad reportedly shut off his Xbox.

St. George, Utah
St. George, Utah

A 19-year-old Utah man was arrested last week for wrecking his stepfather's motorcycle following an Xbox-related outburst. As reported by St. George News, Alec Young's stepfather returned home to find his son playing video games. He asked him to stop, gave him some time to do so, and went out to get the mail. When he returned, Alec was still playing and so he shut the console off himself. Then things took a turn for the worse.

According to a police account of the incident, Young began screaming at his stepdad and threw two separate remotes at him. The stepfather then left the house and went across the street to call the police. At the same time, Young went outside and began to strike his stepfather's 2009 Custom Harley Davidson FLF with a knife, according to the report, which estimated the value of the bike at $40,000.

The report goes on to explain that Young then got into his 2000 Nissan Maxima, backed out of the driveway, and proceeded to drive into the motorcycle "all the way into the wall of the garage." The motorcycle "sustained damage everywhere," the police report states. The bike's front forks, fender, frame, and gas tank were all bent, totaling around $25,000 in damages, it said.

When approached by police, Young said he "acted out" by throwing the remotes at his stepfather, and then was "in rage" when he attacked the motorcycle. He also reportedly told police that he did not take his recommended doses of anti-anxiety and antidepressant medication. Young was charged with two class-B misdemeanors and a second-degree felony. His bail is $13,110, according to the booking information obtained by St. George News.

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