187 million iOS devices sold

In recent lawsuit filing against Samsung, Apple reveals 108 million iPhones, 19 million iPads, and 60 million iPod Touches have been purchased as of March 2011.


Cupertino, California-based Apple Inc. is one of the biggest personal technology companies in the world. The giant's latest product--the iPad 2--went on sale on March 11 and swiftly sold hundreds of thousands of units. Now, Apple has revealed just how popular its iOS devices actually are.

iOS devices are hugely popular.
iOS devices are hugely popular.

In a recent intellectual property lawsuit filing against Samsung (via Bloomberg), Apple revealed that it has sold about 187 million iOS devices as of the end of March 2011. More specifically, Apple said it has sold 108 million iPhones, 19 million iPads, and 60 million iPod Touches.

For reference, the Nintendo DS family of systems has sold around 150 million units in its lifetime.

Likely in Apple's future will be the long-rumored iPhone 5, suspected to have an A5 processor and an 8-megapixel rear camera. For more on the latest rumor rumblings about the iPhone 5, check out GameSpot's sister site CNET.

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