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16 Movies To Stream On Disney+ In September 2021

Looking for a great movie to stream? Here are 16 of the best available on Disney+ right now


There's a wealth of great movies available to stream on Disney+, and we've picked up some of the best to check out this month.

If you're like us, you probably rushed to subscribe to Disney+ thanks to its wealth of Star Wars and MCU content--it's just so much easier to have those movies collected up in one convenient spot, finally. But of course, there's more than just Jedi and superheroes on the platform, and thanks to Disney's acquisition of studios like Fox and Sony, some of the service's offerings might surprise you.

We've combed through all of Disney+ to find our favorite picks for movies you can stream right now--some of which you'll definitely expect, but others you may not have realized were available at all. Everything from animated classics like Snow White and the latest Pixar releases to Nic Cage's frequently memed historical heist movie, National Treasure, is available on Disney+ right now.

What are you planning on watching this month?

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