150 million PS2 units shipped worldwide

Sony announces new milestone for home console since debuting in Japan in March 2000; 10,828 titles available, 1.52 billion software units sold since launch.


In October, Sony celebrated the 10th anniversary of the PlayStation 2's North American launch and announced that the console had sold 146 million units worldwide since debuting in Japan in March of 2000. Though the birthday celebration is over, the system has now reached a new milestone.

The PlayStation 2 has since gone on a diet.
The PlayStation 2 has since gone on a diet.

According to Sony's statistics, the PS2 has shipped 150 million units worldwide as of January 31, 2011. This milestone was reached 10 years and 11 months after the system was released in the land of the rising sun on March 4, 2000. Further, Sony said it currently has 10,828 titles available for the system and that 1.52 billion PS2 titles have been sold since launch.

The PS2's long tenure saw the introduction of numerous hardware peripherals, including an online gameplay add-on, the PlayStation Network Adapter, in 2002. The system was also augmented by the release of the EyeToy Camera in 2003. Software franchises that flourished on the system included Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo, and Grand Theft Auto, which debuted exclusively on Sony's console from Grand Theft Auto III through Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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10,828 titles? Blinking flip! I've only played 5... Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, Farenheit and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. I only really bought it for the first two, but both are in my top 10 fave games ever. I have to say I preferred the Gamecube as a console, but, though I subsequently had an Xbox 360 for a few years, and now have a PS3 (mainly in anticipation of the HD release of Ico & SotC, and of course the Last Guardian) the PC is still my system of choice for gaming. I think there's a lot more than 10,828 titles made for that ;)

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Nappa: Vegeta what does your scouter say about the number of games there are on the PS2? Vegeta: There are over 9000!!!!!!!!!!

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@DragonRift I brought it up again because I don't really use GameSpot, but every once and a while I check my inbox. I seen the notification in my inbox, so I decided to respond. I'm not surprised that you jumped to conclusions about that though. My feathers are certainly not ruffled. You however, responded with two essays and insulted me again. Maybe you should check your feathers. We obviously have two different definitions of competition. I am looking at the console sales numbers and you seem to be looking at the games. Your point about the games just seem to strengthen my points. Sony had all the games = no competition. I'm not really going to say anymore on that because I would just be repeating myself. But I will address part of your post that just baffles me. You said: "because all you wanted to do was attempt to make yourself look more mature" Are you serious with that? YOU'RE the one that originally used an age insult and I pointed out how baseless that was by saying that I could very well be older than you. You somehow inexplicably take that as me trying to make myself look more mature. You then retort by doing exactly what you thought I did... again. Seriously, are you kidding me? PS: The correct phrase is "couldn't care less". You just told me that you care.

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.... And don't even bring up Nintendo. You could say that's competing, since it attacked a completely different demographic, but sales have gone flat. Yeah, you have a good handful of 1st party exclusives, but that's hardly trying to compete with two platforms that out-perform it on every single aspect now. But again, saying it's the winner because its cheap would be the same explanation that would defend the PS1 in 1995~2001... and that was NOT the case. The PS1 soared not because of how cheap it was, but because of the expansive library it had. Final Fantasy VII's debut is clear evidence that people didn't care what the console was it was on... they wanted Final Fantasy, and fans jumping from Nintendo's comfy couch to play it on the PS1 was no obstacle to them. Games sold the system, period. Last generation, Nintendo had exclusive rights to Resident Evil (even 4 until Capcom broke that deal and ported it to the PS2 later). Skip past all the JRPG stuff, and you still have Ratchet, Jak, Sly Cooper, Silent Hill (sans 2 of course)... I can go on and on. Nintendo and MS even had more exclusives per system than today's consoles. And really? You're going to counter an insult by saying "I could be older than you"? I can simply retort by telling you that I've been gaming since 1980, but the likelihood of you even believing that is slim to none, because all you wanted to do was attempt to make yourself look more mature. And quite frankly, I could care less.

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@ryan0991 Not exactly sure why you're bringing up an argument that I pretty much abandoned two weeks ago, unless this really REALLY ruffles your feathers. You're missing the entire point of "competition". Not once did I say there was no clear winner. The last several generations were competitive not because of how popular a console was, but the amount of games each individual console had to fight against one another. In this current generation where no one wants to take risks with exclusives nearly as much (due to skyrocketed development costs), so the majority of big hits are sold on multiple platforms. Sure, there are still a few franchise titles that stick to their machines, like Killzone, Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Gears of War, Halo, inFamous, etc... but it's a fading trend. It doesn't matter which console/format you support (PC, PS3 or 360), you'll still have access to 90% of all the major hits. Call of Duty, Fallout, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Left 4 Dead, Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield... hell, even Final Fantasy. See my point? That isn't competing. Yeah, the 360 has been king, but keep in mind, it also had a year head start. The PS3's primary flaw was its ungodly ridiculous launch price of $500-$600. Please tell me how Sony even had a chance with that? Yeah, they're doing magnificently better now, but really? Sony pretty much rolled out the red carpet for MS with that move. They didn't even have to try.

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@DragonRift This generation is way more competitive than the last two. I'm making my claim just based on how fiercely competitive 360 and PS3 are. Last generation, PS2 just completely and utterly won it without a fight. Gamecube and Xbox barely even put a dent in PS2. The generations before that, once again, the PS1 won without too much of a problem. N64 was a flawed console. Cartridges were expensive to produce and developing games for it was more complicated than it should have been. That generation was a little more competitive than the PS2/GC/Xbox generation, but it was still easily won by PS1. Your reasoning is completely backwards. The increase in multi-platform games is one of the reasons for the increase in competition this generation. Console sales numbers are what matter in this discussion. And the fact of the matter is that this is the closest that console sales numbers have been in a long time. Even the Wii isn't very far ahead when you compare the numbers to the last two generations. And then you end your post with an insult. How typical. For all you know I could be older than you.

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Yes. The PS2 is one of the best game console ever... But recently there coming less PS2 games. Its like Sony is going to stop with the Ps2 (maybe)! Oh yeah... I also have one good working PS2

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I still have my original PS2 from launch date and it still works perfectly. I'm probably one of only a handful of people that were fortunate enough to get a good performing machine on launch day. I bet I could get a fortune on Ebay for it!

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@Sulaymanqazi2: Stop being such a fanboy. It was more than 360 coming out first that put the XBox brand on the map, plus they have more good games on the system besides Halo & Gears of War. Plus RROD is very old news now. Sony isn't invincible, you know. Nobody wins three generations in a row. Just ask Nintendo what happened with the N64 & Gamecube after they won two gens with the NES & SNES. @Drkr_Zen: The reason why MS discontinued the XBox after 4 years wasn't bcause they lost to Sony. It was because they were bleeding money off of each Xbox system being sold & that they were never making a profit from that. Plus the 360 having dated hardware? I just got to laugh. If you haven't noticed, the hardware for both the 360 & PS3 are using 2004 or 2005 hardware. Anyway, back on topic...congrats to Sony with the PS2 sales! I still have my PS2 & I still play it from time to time. :)

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I still play mine, but not as much as I play 360 (best current Gen) or DS (best hand held). I almost never touch my Wii, and cannot afford a PS3 or PSP (well. I could. I just can't rationalize the price based on the available games). The last game I played on my PS2 was FF8, and before that, Nobunaga's Ambition: Rise to Power. I still need to play FFXII and I finished Liberty City stories but not Vice City stories. Also, I beat Metal Gear Solid 2 in 15 hours, but only played MGS3 for 15 minutes, so I got to play that too. Also recently, I played Dynasty Tactics on my PS2. Rented it like 7 years ago, saw it used 2 years ago so I bought it. OH, I also got FFX-2 to play... It was a gift. the concept of dressing up never really sat well with me...

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The Best console ever created.

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As BAD-COMPANY said, competition leads to innovation, which, at the same time, cause a price fall. . Console prices are falling, that's true, but the games aren't. (New-launch games cost aproximately 50$ to 70$). And don't forget that the current gen has been plagued of "mistakes" like the overheating and RROD in XBOX360 or Sony's "Mandatory" firmwares that bricked many PS3s. Even the "old timer" PS2 wasn't plagued with so many flaws.

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My Assisant Manager just bought her 4 (maybe 3) year old a LeapFrog for 100. I told her she should've bought a PS2 XD

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sony platform: Ps2>PS1>>> PS3> PSP all platform (i have/had) ps2> ps1>NDS>X360 >GBA>N64>Wii>Ps3>PSP

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They will not stop PS2 games any time soon for one main reason. Cost! The PSP, and Wii. The games that come out on both those systems are not exactly next gen specs. Therefore, with the familiarity of the PS2, since it has been out for 10 years, and the similar PSP, they can easily and cheaply port the game over. Also, PS2 DVD games cost little to manufacturer.

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I think the PS2 is a great console, one of my favourite consoles but I think Sony should stop producing games for the PS2 or at least it should just be given up. I mean there is no use really anymore although some may not be able to afford a PS3 I udnerstand that but the last gen is over already in my opinion and I think Sony and PS2 should follow in the footsteps of the other consoles of last gen and just let its legacy live on. Well, I think Sony are just maybe trying to keep their record alive but I'm guessing that it will be surpassed by the DS soon. And 10,828 different titles, dang that is a lot, I only know of like 50-70 titles or maybe around that close to 100 but not even near 10,828 but I'm guessing most are just some boring and dull games and some SingStar or Buzz type of game since the PS2 had a lot of those type of games.

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PS2= Chuck Norris' favourite console.

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I really know of only ~20 good titles for the PS2. Everything else is just another piece of garbage put out to make money. The PS3 blew the PS2 away in SO many ways. Not to mention the graphics in most games were horrible. (Not that I'm a graphics person, but seriously, most are intolerable) Sure, it was a great system when it came out, and even after 5 years. But really, Sony should stop making games for it. Let it die already.

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And I thought 1,000 or so for the GBA was good, that's just wow.

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I've always considered the PS2 the worst console of its generation. This hasn't anyhting do do with hate for the console, it just satisfied my gaming needs the least of the 4. I wouldn't say it actually is the worst, it just was for me. I can fully understand people whon have it as their favourite. The Dreamcast was my favourite last gen. But, despite the PS2 being my least favourite, it is still MILES better then the PS3 and XBox 360.

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10,828 titles available!!!! Really? Wow: I could probably name a couple of hundred at the MOST.

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Here is the only non Nintendo console I consider "Great" in the same way as trendsetting innovative machines like the Gameboy,N64,NES,and Wii. The Xbox and PS3 are nice,but they just don't have the same kind of innovation and new-ness as those others. It cannot be denied that they just aren't the same. Sony managed to make a really good console with tons to offer there.

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pioneer of a new era....

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Still one of the best systems to this day. #1 spot still goes to the SNES, in my opinion, but PS2 is a close 2nd. For a system to not only sell that much in 10 years, but to still have support in the way of customers still buying the system new AND releasing games for it is quite a feat. Microsoft gave up on their original XBOX long ago, after just 4 short years. Kind of shows the lifespan Microsoft is geared towards, although, the 360 is lasting, even though it has dated software and lacked a few key features of this gen.

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The PS 2 was and still great I myself have purchased 2 of them but The original X box only lacking in software was better in terms of the Hardware and of course X-box live....I still have the Original X box and its sad I can no longer play online with it....

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Great console with great games compared to the current gen consoles that have great games, but full of crappy things such as fimware and other mandatory updates that would thing like updating the antivirus on the current-gen consoles!

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I'm sorry guys, but this is only for 3 reasons and none of them are good. 1. Lack of backward compatibility. 2. Japan. Nothing wrong with japan itself, but see next reason. 3. Fanboys PS2 still won the last war because of the # of good titles. Just like 360 is winning this one. A few more good titles and an edge with cost, and online support.

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Well haven't played my PS2 in forever but I still occasionally enjoy some Baldur's Gate sessions with my girlfriend lol. Still amazes me how many truly great games were released for the PS2 and how it's still a great console. A shame the PS3 couldn't be as successful but maybe Sony will blow us away with the PS4 as they did with the PS2.

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An awesome console delivers awesome results. :) LONG LIVE THE PLAYSTATION 2!

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i was a gc person but i do play all 4 last gen consoles still and all 3 currenty plus the handhelds so ya , can that system already and put bc back in ps3

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I know this is going to sound weird. But I didn't play my ps2 much after I got my xbox. I'm not saying it's necessarily the better system. I just didn't get any of the great games on the ps2 I guess.

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With such a stellar library, there's no wonder the PS2 has sold so much units. There isn't a better example of "Successful console" than it.

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I still got my PS2 slim and it still works. Great console.

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PS2 = Greatest game system ever.... Best collection of fun games!

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PS2 = King. Period. If you disagree then you never had one and you've lived an incredibly sad life thus far.

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wow they still selling PS2 like crazy awesome! I still have mys >: D :D still awesome games too like dark Cloud & 2 the jack games, Final fantasy games and the monster hunter games and few hundred other.

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awesome milestone!. I still use mine, and use the optic fiber audio cable connected to the amp. still consider it the best console ever made... game wise, variety wise and in terms of innovation. It would have been perfect if it had caught the importance to have a better online service earlier in the road than the XB did.

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A really incredible console, I still miss the PS2 to this day... by the way, I sold mine after 3 years of use just a year ago!

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The PS2 was ahead of its time, which is why it's still popular today. Take note everyone. We can all learn a lesson here.

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PS2 = legend. for me it's best console forever.

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I played the PS2 since it came out. It really kept me happy when I was little, a very classic system indeed.

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From 10 gamers, 10 have a Ps2.

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I love my PS2! XD I can still remember when I got it 4 years ago... OMG. It's been 4 years!? It's gonna be 4 years old!! And I'm still playing it, yeah! XD

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i had 2. i miss the ps2 congrats Sony and the PS2 will never die after it ends production.

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not suproseing the ps2 is one of the greatest systems of all time

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Sony - Constantly proving that old doesn't mean obsolete. 7 years from now the PS3 will reach its same peak and I will congratulate them again then.

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@Bad-Company: If you like competition wouldn't it be better MS won Sony? After all Sony would compete more then and Sony won the war the last 2 gens so while I like Sony and they are a great company I feel anyone wanting 'competition' should be rooting for Sony to come last so that they do pull out all the stops next time. Look at NGP, seems like they pulled out all the stops after they didn't surpass the DS and obviously they want to this time or they wouldn't be trying to mimic the touch sensitivity. MS was 2nd last time (only to gamecube) but with nintendo's flying success with the Wii and bound to be successful 3DS you'd figure competition wise the industry would be in a better place with MS taking 2nd place again and nintendo staying on top to gather resources after N64 and gamecube (good consoles mind) didn't perform as well as Sony's offerings. Not to mention MS has a terrible rep in Japan that would only really be able to prevail over if it was beating sony in sales over all so able to invest more into games. Sony is catching up because japan will buy Wii or PS3 regardless so they have a massive advantage in 1 territory that is helping them creep up and I feel competition wise it would be better if MS won one against Sony and then had to live up to that rep with there next system.

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@edant79 No arguments with ya on that. Some people prefer the PS3 as it does suit them best. I'm more of an online gamer and the Xbox's features fit my gaming and entertainment needs perfectly. I have 2 plasma TV's and 2 360's. I cant justify the cost of the PS3 as pretty much all but maybe 4 games are avalible for both systems. And while BlueRay is very nice looking, I have instant Netflix for my HD needs and cant see paying 20-30 for a movie on BlueRay when I can get it for 5-15 on DVD. When the cost of the BlueRay discs comes down and the cost of the PS3 comes down I'll probably pick up a PS3. Mainly for the BR but with the PS3 I'll get the added bonus of getting to play LBP and Uncharted and maybe Heavy Rain. The only thing I could argue is that Sony is quite a bit behind MS right now. The numbers show that. For one the 360 had a year's head start on the PS3. But above that, the games, both exclusives and multiplatform, have beaten out PS3 for at least 3 of the 4 years the PS3 has been out. It wasn't until last year that the PS3 started to build some steam. This year may see a more equal release schedule between the two but Sony definetly has alot of ground to make up. One big thing going for it is that the 360 will probably be replaced as the PS3 is peaking so it should outlast the 360. That will be interesting to see how the merge into the next gen will play out.

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I'd still like to get another one before they are stopped being sold.