13th Asheron's Call Event

Microsoft announces a new world-changing event for the online role-playing game.


Microsoft has announced the next world-changing event in its ongoing online role-playing game, Asheron's Call. The 13th event, The Child of Daralet, picks up where the previous event, Should the Stars Fall, left off. The previous event introduced a new area to the game's world of Dereth - the Vesayen archipelago, which housed the last of the crystal creatures that had laid siege to the land. However, the same victorious adventurers that destroyed the final crystal Soul Stone unwittingly released Bael'Zharon, the HopeSlayer - a new and powerful evil entity that had been imprisoned by the crystal - into the land. Now the heroes of Dereth face a new adventure.

As with the game's previous events, The Child of Daralet gives both new and experienced players quests to perform and treasures to discover. Since the previous event marked the game's anniversary, a year has passed in the world of Dereth as well, so winter has returned to the land. The tradesmen of Dereth have begun to sell new items of clothing, as well as harvest seasonal winter plants that will let them create new dyes to color the clothing and armor of discerning adventurers. In addition, the event includes new additions to the game's fellowship (adventuring party) system that more effectively balance the sharing of experience points between party members.

This 13th world-changing event is underway now. If you've got a subscription to Asheron's Call on Microsoft's Gaming Zone, you can jump into Dereth and experience it yourself.

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