130K rearm Bionic Commando

Capcom's remake of classic NES action game tops milestone across 360, PS3, and PC in first seven days.


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Releasing a game with an M-for-Mature rating can be a dicey proposition because it theoretically limits the number of gamers who can purchase it. However, Capcom opted to risk diminished sales for its remake of 1988 NES classic Bionic Commando, taking an M rating rather than sacrificing such "historically accurate" scenes as the endgame shot of Master D's (aka Adolf Hitler's) exploding head.

It turns out that the gamble has paid off for Capcom. In a post to the game's official Web site today, Bionic Commando Rearmed producer Ben Judd said that first-week sales of the game had exceeded 130,000 units. Judd did not provide an exact breakdown of how those sales played out across the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC editions of the game.

Putting the milestone into some perspective, Judd noted, "That may not seem impressive compared to package titles that sell in the millions, but compared to other digital titles that is a friggin' JUGGERNAUT!" [emphasis in original]

Developed by Swedish studio GRIN--which has also been tasked with the fully re-envisioned Bionic Commando, due out for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC--Rearmed offers revamped graphics, additional weapons, new music, a two-player cooperative mode, and online rankings. The PS3 and Xbox 360 games are available through each platform's respective online storefronts for $10 (800 Microsoft points), with the PC edition selling for $15.

For GameSpot's take on Bionic Commando Rearmed, check out the full reviews of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

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I downloaded it on day one and haven't regretted it. The game deserves all its success and I hope more games like it are coming in the future. Heck, I wouldn't mind seeing a huge "Castleroid" style 2D Bionic Commando game with all sorts of upgrades for the playable character(s) and the Arm. It's obvious that people still love 2D gaming, even with 3D graphics.

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I agree Dirty Rabz. My gamer score for that game is only 20. I love this game but I don't think i'll find time for the achievements in this game. I'm sure I could do them all if I didn't have a life.

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Has anyone noticed how badass the music is in this game? You can download the whole soundtrack off iTunes. My friend is a DJ and has nothing to do with video games. I showed him a few tracks and he was blown away. Check out the track "Ok We'll move". This track shows you how badass the nes era of music was. Nintendo music deserves more credit from the masses than just Mario Bros. I do know that Koji was a genious. But the new remixed Bionic Commando soundtrack is just mind blowing. It shows how many great melodies the nes brought us.

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loved the original, rearmed is excellent.

Avatar image for wilmepe

Lots of old school gamers who remember the original. It was frustrating but I loved it.

Avatar image for erinnicole93

The demo underwhelmed me.

Avatar image for Rickhavoc2

The demo was brilliant if a little odd they deserve this good sales figure :P

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Jeebus if they had done that then it would have defeated the whole game mechanics that made bionic commando the legend that it is.

Avatar image for JEEBUS_BOGONDO

demo was cool but they could have easily made the controls for the bionic arm better by using the right thumbstick to freely fire it wherever rather then up-side or diagonal and having to time it.

Avatar image for Nedemis

wow....for once console owners got the deal..Kinda nice for a change.

Avatar image for fredwv

too bad the game can't be played with a single core pc processor

Avatar image for jtthegame316

i downloaded the trail game of this deffo will unlock full game soon it is very good.

Avatar image for Dirty_Rabz

It's a great game but I wish the achievments weren't so impossible.

Avatar image for klugenbeel

Anyone the has seen or played the original, so us old gamers, would want to pick this up. I have been neglecting to do so, but I am getting it and today is that day, i have been slacking long enough (Civ Revolution really is awesome!), i must play this.

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the reason why this game sold so well is because this is how you do a remake of a classic game. this is by far for me the best remake of game i've ever played. more developers should take ques from GRIN when they're remaking classics.

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I downloaded the PS3 demo last night and played the tutorial and a little bit of the game using Remote Play on my PSP. I thought the game looked great and played well. I was having some network issues yesterday, so I kept dropping my connection, but I played enough to feel satisfied with the experience. If actually playing on the PS3 is as good or (likely) better, than I will probably be adding another sale to this list.

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I purchased the PS3 version and beat it last weekend. A challenging game, but it felt great when I beat it.

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Grin's done a really good job with this one. I wasn't sure if they could do it justice, but they really have handled it well. They've improved pretty much everything, even if it didn't necesarily need improving, but the gameplay still retains that same essence that made the original such a hit. In short, it's a fantastic game, and it is deserving of its high sales and ratings. This has helped me with my scepticism over the 3D remake. Now, I'm sure that Grin can do the 3D version well.

Avatar image for snake289

BC Rearmed is one of the best remakes I've ever played.

Avatar image for raverrozza

this is awesome!! more great side scrollers. and while i have a ps3 i played braid at my mates house and was blown away!!!thats another side scrolle must play!

Avatar image for Bazfrag

Its damn good i tell ya! Now can they remake Forgotten Worlds??

Avatar image for Pilch_R_eD

Love the origional, Love the remake. and @ battojutsu I completely agree, I was thinking the same thing, I'd love to see more old school remakes like this. Seems as soon as 3D came in, the sidescrolling platformer genre seemed to alomost completely die, I think it still has allot to offer, even if all that happens is all the old classics get re-done, which is all A o.k with me ^^.

Avatar image for Handlerer

Hey yboucher you have no idea what you are talking about. On the 360 if you register an account with the age being under 17, you CANNOT download anything with a M rating. I am also proud to say I was one of those buyers, this game is amazing!

Avatar image for battojutsu

Sure they changed a few things, but they are mostly improvements over the original. I love this game! hopefully its success will prompt developers to work on more remakes.

Avatar image for yboucher

Btw, how would an M rating do anything for a DIGITAL download? Who's gonna check ?? Or is it tied in with the Parental Controls ? And if so, which parents use that, honestly....

Avatar image for tawagivercetti

BC is easily the best ten dollars you'll spend on xbla so far.

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I met Ben Judd. He's an interesting guy.

Avatar image for D-Camo

Got it and love it. Smart bussiness move by Capcom as well.

Avatar image for Pablo620

I freakin love this game

Avatar image for DiscGuru101

Nintendo badly needs to learn some tricks from Bionic Commando Rearmed. It is a milestone in 2D/3D gaming.

Avatar image for JACKAL1883

way to go capcom!!! you keep listening to the gamer

Avatar image for choasgod

@Tranceplant it sold 70k in 10 days on XBL. So id estimate 65k XBL, 40k PS3 and 25k PC sales for the game.

Avatar image for rocoswav

i think they gave it an M rating because you get to see hitlers face blow up into little pieces, they had that in the original too. but my only complain is that the game had a lot of changes from the nes version.

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Kewl beans!

Avatar image for harrisi17

I bought it and I love it, but level 11 boss sucks.

Avatar image for NightRain

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for NightRain

Wow, that's really cool! But I wonder how it sold only on the 360 compared to the others... because on Xbox Live Arcade we got back to back to back hits week after week... I got it and it's really fun. One of the best XBLA games I own, seriously.

Avatar image for Magusi

One of my Fav NES games. I was happy to see them bring it back to life. I am not disapointed with the out come. Thanks Grin.

Avatar image for TrevasGallant

I'm glad I finally got to beat Bionic Commando thanks to the remake.

Avatar image for vitamin_f

This game is awesome for only $10. Having played the original on the NES back in the day it's definitely got some improvements. It's great that you can now switch weapons on the fly, call for extraction (in the NES you could get stuck if you didn't bring the right weapon. You could only get out of the area by entering a code), and play it co-op (another nifty feature). Shame 2D games like these are forgotten in a world obsessed with 3D. The graphics in this are amazing for a 2D plat-former and I wish they'd make a 2D sequel to this.

Avatar image for wallywallas

I regret buying this game. I know, i know, it's a lot to say for a game that's only $10, but too much of the game was changed for me to enjoy it. Shot innacuracy, easy falling, i actually even prefer passwords than how the game saves automatically whenever it wants to. I dunno, but i just wouldn't buy this game again.

Avatar image for akiwak

I played this game on the NES and never passed it. Thanks to GRIN and Campcom noe 20 years later I can re-visit that grappling hook commando. When it was on the NES that was the coolest thing I had ever seen and now it is just CLASSIC! Lots of us gamers did grow up but did not grow OUT of playing games.

Avatar image for mikethemonkey

Great game and a great deal at $10.00

Avatar image for LiquidDom

Man, that first paragraph completely spoiled the ending for me...

Avatar image for mrklorox

I wasn't too impressed with the trial... if they allowed the first boss fight, I could have gotten a better feel for the game. I still don't think I'll be spending 10 bucks on this game, let alone 15 for the PC version.

Avatar image for Videodogg

An "M" rating for some old game that was played by everyone when they were kids anyway? My how times have changed.

Avatar image for raahsnavj

The 'M' rating was never worth worrying about with this game. The target audience of anyone that remembers the original, and wanted a remake, is well over 18 anyhow. Everyone else that bought it was just icing on the cake.

Avatar image for p0rkp1e74

pretty amazing concept to have a game that is 20 years old be as fun when you first played it.....also if you download the trial about how everything is locked and the dialogue will change if you buy the full copy of the game

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