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130 million Rock Band songs downloaded

Harmonix reveals new download milestone as weekly releases come to an end; proof-of-concepts shown for Rock Band Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, and Pink Floyd.


BOSTON--Harmonix today revealed during a PAX East presentation that more than 130 million Rock Band songs have been downloaded to date. This is up from 100 million in 2011.

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The news as the Rock Band weekly song releases will come to an end after 281 straight weeks on April 2. The final song will be Don McLean's "American Pie." In all, the Rock Band downloadable content library stands at 4,254 songs from 1,657 bands.

The Cambridge, Mass., developer also today showed off a proof-of-concept video for Rock Band: Led Zeppelin, along with images and video for installments based on the bands Pink Floyd and Pearl Jam. Harmonix previously denied doing any official work on a Led Zeppelin Rock Band game.

One image from the Pink Floyd project was shown, though Harmonix said this was created in PhotoShop and was merely experimental. It contained the iconic marching hammer imagery from the group's 1979 album The Wall.

The Pearl Jam Rock Band project was announced in 2009, before it was later canceled for unknown reasons. The developer explained that this game was going to place its focus on the Seattle-based group's live performances. A still image depicting singer/guitarist Eddie Vedder and other members of the group was shown.

Following the publication of this story, a Harmonix representative confirmed with GameSpot that no formal partnership with Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin was ever established, and the projects never entered full development.

"The images referenced were created by Harmonix as proposals for potential titles about those artists. No partnership with Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin was ever formalized, and those two titles were never in actual development."

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