12GB Flash-based PS3 coming to North America?

Leaked promotional material from retailers in Canada and the United States suggest Sony is planning to release new version of system this week.


Sony will introduce a 12GB Flash-based PlayStation 3 in North America as early as this Sunday, according to leaked advertisements from retailers in Canada and the United States.

Image credit: Engadget
Image credit: Engadget

As spotted by Engadget, Canada's Future Shop began selling the unit for $200 today, though the product page has since been pulled.

The site was also provided an image of the 12GB PS3 from a Kmart stockroom with a "do not sell until" sticker suggesting it will be on sale this Sunday, August 18.

The 12GB PS3 was introduced in Europe and Hong Kong last fall. A Sony representative was not immediately available to comment.

In September 2012, PlayStation VP of hardware marketing John Koller said the 12GB unit would not be coming to North America.

The PlayStation 4 launches worldwide this holiday season for $400.

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