$12 Gets You a Mystery Game Bundle Every Month

Get a "specially curated" bundle of mystery games on the first Friday of each month.


The group behind the Humble Bundle is branching out once again, this time with a new subscription plan called Humble Monthly that delivers curated game bundles every month.

Not unlike the way LootCrate operates with physical merchandise, you can subscribe for $12 per month and receive a collection of "specially curated" games on the first Friday of each month. Humble won't share which games are included ahead of time, and you'll only be able to get the bundle if you're subscribed before its contents are revealed--once they are known, it'll be too late to get it. Games are always playable through Steam for Windows, and potentially other platforms in some cases.

"Subscribers can expect each month's featured titles to not only be on par with the type of premium content that Humble Bundle is known for, but with even more added value," Humble said in its announcement. On its website, it mentions that at least some of the games will be those that haven't been included in past bundles. "A highly curated bundle of our favorite games at one fixed price," it adds. "Includes everything from recent hits to hidden gems to timeless classics."

Five percent of proceeds will go to charity. It's unclear what the breakdown will be between Humble's cut and that of developers; Humble Bundles typically allow you to decide the amount split between the two.

The first Humble Monthly will be available on November 6. You have until then to subscribe to ensure you don't miss whatever is included in it. As an added bonus, you'll get a free copy of Legend of Grimrock II to begin playing now if you subscribe. In the future, first-time subscribers will immediately receive a copy of a game from the previous month's bundle.

You can cancel your Humble Monthly subscription anytime, though you'll need to do so at least one week prior to the release of the next bundle in order to avoid being charged again. Should you cancel, all of the games you've received will still be yours to keep forever.

As noted above, this represents the latest expansion of the Humble Bundle. What originally started out as an occasional game bundle that you could buy for a price of your choosing has since gone on to offer weekly bundles, mobile game bundles, and ebook bundles. There's also the Humble Store, which sells computer games like other digital storefronts.

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