100,000-point Gamerscore achieved

Xbox Live profile tops 100,000 achievement points through dubious methods; jealous gamers cry foul.


Xbox Live gamerscores can be very telling, even if their worth is merely for bragging rights. A high score is indicative of a hardcore gamer. On the other hand, a very high score can be indicative of a nonexistent social life.

The man behind the Xbox Live account "StripClubDj" (registration may be required) is very hardcore and may not have seen the sun since the Xbox 360's launch last year. StripClubDj now has 100,499 achievement points, making him the first Xbox 360 gamer to break the 100,000 mark.

Getting to that milestone doesn't come easy. To get to 100,000, the gamer has had a wide variety of titles under his belt, including perfect scores from the recently released History Channel: Civil War, Cabela's African Safari, and Bionicle Heroes. The profile also has a few games--Eragon, MotoGP 06--listed twice, likely because he's played through different regional versions of the same game. Also included in the list are games that are sold in Japan and Europe only.

Overall, StripClubDj has amassed all the achievements in almost 100 different games (including both full and Xbox Live Arcade games) and has 144 different titles played under his belt.

Some gamers on Internet messageboards aren't too impressed with the milestone and believe that StripClubDj is actually a group of gamers working under the same profile. Several are also accusing the gamerscore of being bloated with saved game exploits and other cheats.

StripClubDj appears to be receiving a fair amount of hate mail for the accomplishment. Earlier today, his motto simply read "KissMyA?? Haters!!!!!" He has since changed it to "GoingOfflineForA[while]."

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