10,000 Games Projects Have Been Funded On Kickstarter

People have pledged more than $600 million to games so far.


More than 10,000 games projects--comprising video games and board games--have now been successfully funded on Kickstarter. As of April 3, 10,233 games projects have been funded. Across the entirety of Kickstarter, more than 122,200 projects have been funded.

Kickstarter launched in 2009. Since then, 2.46 million people have backed a games project, collectively putting in $613 million in funding, Kickstarter said in a blog post. Additionally, 1.45 million backers have supported more than one game.

Shenmue III
Shenmue III

The very first game project on Kickstarter launched the day after the service did back in 2009. It was for a new series of crossword puzzles, and it raised $2,265 from 163 backers.

A total of 76 games projects on Kickstarter have raised more than $1 million, which is one more than the technology category, which has 75 projects that have reached seven-figure funding.

Games is not the first category to cross 10,000 projects, as Art, Publishing, Film & Video, and Music are all above that mark according to Kickstarter's latest data.

The most-funded Kickstarter game is the board game Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 ($12.4 million), while the most-funded video game project is Shenmue III ($6.3 million). Another notable Kickstarter story is the PC space game Star Citizen, which raised $2.1 million on the site, before shifting to its own site, where total pledges today stand at a whopping $145.9 million.

You can see a list of all the top Kickstarter game projects here.

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