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100 Fictional Game Brands And Logos

Fire emblems.

Umbrella Corporation, Sarif Industries, Aperture Science, Inc.--names that are as recognizable to gamers as real life brands like Nabisco, General Electric, and Exxon. Logos--real or fictional--add color to game worlds, whether it's the aesthetic and thematic focal point of Rapture in Bioshock or the more subtle businesses that blend into the city of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. And while the likes of Red Bull in Wipeout XL, Tully's Coffee in Binary Domain, and Tower Records in Crazy Taxi were eye-catching and noteworthy real life brands, made up companies are often more effective in immersing the player into these imaginary worlds.

This collection features a mix of 100 distinguished and less familiar fictional logos.

The Worlds of Bethesda

Part of the fun of exploring the worlds of Fallout and Dishonored is in the discovery of new and imaginative brands, businesses like Red Rocket and Rothwild Whale Slaughterhouse. These companies add a great deal of character to their environments partly due to their occasional intertwining with their respective game's narrative. That also includes the not-too-subtle signage pointing in-the-know patrons to the black market shops in Dishonored 2.

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  • Nuka Cola -- Fallout
  • Vault-Tec Corporation -- Fallout
  • Red Rocket -- Fallout 4
  • Union Aerospace Corporation -- Doom
  • Nabcom -- Doom 3
  • Rothwild Whale Slaughterhouse -- Dishonored
  • Rothwild Whale Meat -- Dishonored
  • Winslow Safe Company -- Dishonored 2
  • Black Market Shops -- Dishonored 2
  • Dragon Symbol -- Skyrim
  • TranStar -- Prey

Wipeout By Designers Republic

In futuristic sports, no competitive organization is as visually iconic as Wipeout's Anti-Gravity Racing League and its myriad teams like Feisar and AG Systems. The series' lore isn't especially rich or deep but you can track a team's evolving brand across the franchise's 200-year timeline. The influence and significance of Designers Republic--the firm behind many of these logos--can't be overstated.

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  • Anti-Gravity Racing League -- Wipeout
  • FEISAR -- Wipeout
  • AG Systems -- Wipeout
  • Auricom -- Wipeout
  • Qirex -- Wipeout
  • Piranha -- Wipeout XL
  • Angryman icon -- Wipeout XL
  • Eye Spy icon -- Wipeout XL
  • Icaras -- Wipeout 3
  • Assegai Developments -- Wipeout 3


Ken Levine's metropolises in Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite aren't direct reworkings of real life cities in the way that Liberty City is New York and Vice City is Miami are for the Grand Theft Auto series. That said, well-conceived businesses like Sinclair Solutions and Fink Manufacturing help considerably in conveying the believability of Rapture and Columbia.

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  • Sinclair Solutions -- Bioshock
  • Minerva's Den -- Bioshock 2
  • Atlantic Express - Bioshock 2
  • Fink Manufacturing -- Bioshock Infinite
  • The First Lady -- Bioshock Infinite

Military Organizations

Fictional armed forces like COG from Gears of War and Halo's UNSC are organizations with iconography compelling enough appear in real life clothing and accessories that fans wear with pride.

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  • Independent State Allied Forces -- Ace Combat
  • United Nations Space Command -- Halo
  • Coalition of Ordered Governments -- Gears of War
  • Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces -- Dead Space

Corporations and Private Organizations

Abstergo Industries, Shinra Electric Power Company, and Atlas are perfect examples of business that are narratively integrated into their various games. Some of corporate entities are diabolical enough to serve as the target of many games' protagonists. And a company name can even be used in game titles themselves, as proven by Wario Ware Inc. and Umbrella Corps.

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  • Abstergo Industries -- Assassin's Creed
  • Hardiman -- ADR1FT
  • Atlas -- Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  • Mustang Arms -- Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Sarif Industries -- Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Shinra Electric Power Company -- Final Fantasy VII
  • Canyon Entertainment -- Grand Theft Auto
  • Black Mesa -- Half-Life
  • Dexter Industries -- Hitman: Absolution
  • Cerberus -- Mass Effect
  • Tomato -- Shenmue
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  • Blume Corporation -- Watch Dogs
  • 876 Production -- The Idolmaster
  • Aperture Laboratories -- Portal
  • Gentek -- Prototype
  • Umbrella Corporation -- Resident Evil
  • Ultro Corporation -- Saints Row, Red Faction
  • Liandri Mining Corporation -- Unreal
  • Wario Ware, Inc. -- Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Microgames!
  • Meskor Engineering -- Papers, Please
  • Mishima Zaibatsu -- Tekken

Teams, Factions, and Clans

Game heroes and their resistance movements don't have the resources and marketing dollars to pay for carefully-crafted branding like evil corporation do, but that doesn't mean these groups--like the Assassin's Order and The Fireflies--don't have their own memorable logos. From the Hunter's Mark in Bloodborne to the Vanguard faction in Destiny, the majority of clans and teams in games aren't borne out of rebellion but still add context and character to a game's narrative and environments. Last but not least, our inclusion of the Anchorage Watchmen from Backbreaker serves as an example of the thoughtful but under-appreciated logos of fictional sports teams.

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  • Assassin Insignia -- Assassin's Creed
  • Anchorage Watchmen -- Backbreaker
  • Hunter's Mark -- Bloodborne
  • Ares One -- Destiny
  • Vanguard -- Destiny
  • Inquisition -- Dragon Age
  • Grey Wardens -- Dragon Age
  • Yorha -- Nier: Automata
  • Saika Clan -- Nioh
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  • Team Rocket -- Pokemon
  • Order of the Flaming Rose -- The Witcher
  • Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves Crest -- The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III
  • Squad 7 -- Valkyria Chronicles
  • Gallian Revolutionary Army -- Valkyria Chronicles
  • Shadaloo -- Street Fighter II
  • The Fireflies -- The Last of Us
  • Shoreline -- Uncharted 4
  • DedSec -- Watch Dogs

Hideo Kojima Works

Hideo Kojima and his art teams have a history of designing memorable insignias. Dogs, foxes and skulls make up much of the iconography of the Metal Gear franchise, evolving as the series' timeline grew to span over a century. Logos can also be found in Kojima's other works like Zone Of The Enders and Policenauts.

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  • Outer Heaven -- Metal Gear
  • Fox Hound -- Metal Gear Solid
  • FOX -- Metal Gear Solid 3
  • Pieuvre Armement -- Metal Gear Solid 4
  • Diamond Dogs -- Metal Gear Solid 5
  • Militaires Sans Frontieres -- Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
  • Maverick Security Consulting, Inc. -- Metal Gear Rising: Revengance
  • Policenauts Crest -- Policenauts
  • United Nations Space Force - Zone Of The Enders

Food and Beverage

Even game characters need to eat and drink, especially if it's Jill's Sandwiches and Saints Flow. Like a fine cocktail, OverCharge Delirium XT from Sunset Overdrive and Virility from DmC Devil May Cry go a step further as products well-blended into their games' plots. And as eCola and Nano Cola proved, there are unlimited ways to reimagine the ubiquitous carbonated soda.

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  • Hotdog -- Alien Storm
  • Jill's Sandwich -- Dead Rising
  • Big Kong's Crunch -- BS Golf Daisuki! O.B. Club
  • Virility -- DmC Devil May Cry
  • Saints Flow -- Saints Row: The Third
  • Power Cola -- Two Crude Dudes
  • NacDomalds -- Tokimeki Memorial
  • Big Bang Burger -- Persona 5
  • Nano Cola -- Overwatch
  • OverCharge Delirium XT -- Sunset Overdrive
  • eCola - Grand Theft Auto

Brand Assortment

From presidential seals to anti-vomiting drinks, you'll never know when or where a memorable brand might appear. Rather than have real life car manufacturer and gas company brands in racers, games like Mario Kart and Burnout Paradise illustrate the effectiveness of parody and homage. From the storytelling power of mundane objects in Gone Home to the clothing companies in Style Savvy, developers have many outlets to design imaginative logos.

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  • Hammerhead Full Service Station -- Final Fantasy XV
  • Watson -- Burnout Paradise
  • Rossolini -- Burnout Paradise
  • Presidential Seal -- Saints Row 4
  • Unknown Dimension Literature -- Gone Home
  • Peptic Thunder -- Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
  • Marble Lilly -- Style Savvy
  • Alaco -- L.A. Noire
  • Marioro -- Mario Kart 64
  • Bowser Oil -- Mario Kart 8
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