10 Years After Release, Postal 2 Gets New Expansion

Paradise Lost coming to Steam later today; includes new weapons you can dual-wield and more.


Postal 2 was released more than a decade ago in 2003, but developer Running With Scissors isn't finished supporting the first-person shooter just yet. The studio on Friday will release the game's latest expansion, Paradise Lost. It's due to arrive sometime today, though it's not available just yet on Steam.

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Running With Scissors calls Paradise Lost a "full-fledged expansion pack" that sees the Dude returning to his former hometown on a journey find his lost dog. Of course, things don't go to plan.

"Not all is at it seems, as the once tranquil (relatively speaking) town and its citizens have been transformed in the wake of the nuclear destruction," reads a line from the expansion's description. "Dare to enter the varied Zones as you cross the Arid Desert, trek through the dense Rainy Foliage, freeze your nuts off in the Nuclear Winter, and roam under the Ashen Skies."

Paradise Lost also includes new weapons such as the Revolver and the Lever-Action Shotgun. There's also a new Weed Whacker weapon that players can use to "whack some weeds and perhaps other meatier subjects." Running With Scissors also notes that Paradise Lost features dual-wielding for weapons, full controller support, and voice acting from the original Dude actor.

For a closer look at Postal 2's Paradise Lost expansion, check out the video above and some images in the gallery below.

In other Postal 2 news, Steam is currently offering an excellent deal on the game, which is required to play the Paradise Lost expansion. It's available right now for 90 percent off, meaning you can buy it for just 99 cents. This deal expires Monday, April 20.

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