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10-Year Kojima Productions Veteran Composer Who Worked On Death Stranding And Metal Gear Solid Leaves

Forssell composed the "entire sound world" of Death Stranding, while he also worked on Metal Gear Solid, Smash Bros., and more.


Veteran Kojima Productions composer Ludvig Forssell is leaving the company. He announced on Twitter that, after 10 years as an in-house composer and audio director for the Death Stranding studio, he's venturing out on his own to pursue freelance work.

"It's been a blast! Thanks, KJP!" he wrote. "Now, I'm happy to tackle a variety of projects in all types of media."

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On his website, Forssell explains that he helped conceive the "entire sound world" for Death Stranding. He previously was the lead composer on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

"Writing music for anything is never a given for me," he said. "The real fun part, the magic, is finding the solutions to these puzzles."

Forssell's credits also include Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, P.T., and the Netflix's Ultraman.

As for Kojima Productions, the studio was formerly owned by Konami but now operates independently. It partnered with Sony for Death Stranding, but the company has no future games that have been announced yet.

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