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Community News - Let's start the new year with some profile spicing up!


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GabuEx had a wonderful idea to start off the new year! Why not spice up your profile. His blog gave me some ideas about other things everyone can do to update their profiles.

1. Profile Banner: You can add or swap out your banner in your preferences under the Images section. Update the area titled Banner Image URL.

2. User Icon (also known as an avatar): The icons can be found on the top left corner of your profile and in your forum messages. You can upload or select an image by choosing a category in the dropdown menu. Go to your preferences under the Images section.

3. Blog Description & Header Image: Go to your preferences under the Blog section. There you can upload a blog header image, change your blog name, and add a snazzy description of what your blog will be about.

4. Signature Update: Make sure the URLs are working properly and nothing is outdated. You can find the signature field under the Forums section in your preferences.

5. About Me Page: Maybe you no longer remember what you had years ago and forgot about it. Either way, check to see if your About Me page is accurate. Make these changes in the About Me section under your preferences. Also, if you would like to add a picture of yourself, these changes can be made in the Images section under Profile Image.

6. Game Collections and Currently Playing: Did you get some goodies for Christmas? Add those games to your collection list! Are you still playing that game that was released two years ago? Delete it from the current playing list and add the latest games!

7. Newsletters: Make sure your newsletter subscriptions are what you want, and why not add some that you haven't tried before? You can make these changes under Preferences/Email at any time.

8. Contact Info: Has your e-mail or mailing address changed? When you plan to be a part of a trivia, contest, or giveaway, we go to our records to mail out prizes to you. Make sure your e-mail and mailing address are current.

9. User Reviews: If you have been expressing your opinion about a game and it's almost review worthy, why not create a user review about the game? User reviews have their own page, and they'll be separate from your blog. To write a review, go to the gamespace for the game you are playing and click on the button called REVIEW THE GAME.

10. New Friends! Here at GameSpot it's easy to make friends. Many of the users you mingle with in the forums could be your friends, which will allow you to track their activity on the site. If you go to someone's profile and click the TRACK ME button on the left-hand side menu, this will track the user. If the user tracks you in return, then both of you will become friends. So why not go to your friends page in your profile to see who is tracking you. Track them back and become their friend!

This list is the top 10 to get you started. There are many more things you can do with your profile. Feel free to post any other ideas you have in the comments.

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