10 most violent games named

Family Media Guide ranks the goriest games of the year; Resident Evil 4, GTA, 50 Cent make list.


Resident Evil 4. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. God of War. It might read like a list of Game of the Year nominees, but it's actually a sampling of games from Family Media Guide's recently released Top 10 Most Violent Video Games list.

Based on content assessments provided by sister company PSVratings, the parent watchdog group Family Media Guide released the list of titles on Thanksgiving, at the start of the holiday shopping season, stating that "this year, some of the most ultraviolent video games ever created are being made available." While the 10 titles were all a cut (and probably a kick, and perhaps a stabbing) above the rest in terms of violent content, the group did not put their top 10 in any specific order of odiousness.

Not everyone agrees with the appropriateness of the titles on the list. For instance, Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification refused to classify 50 Cent: Bulletproof, effectively banning the game in the country and suggesting it isn't appropriate for anyone. 50 Cent himself, on the other hand, went on the record last week saying that parents could use his game as a teaching tool for their children.

The 10 games named by Family Media Guide and the reasons given for their inclusion are as follows:

Resident Evil 4--"Player is a Special Forces agent sent to recover the President's kidnapped daughter. During the first minutes of play, it's possible to find the corpse of a woman pinned up on a wall--by a pitchfork through her face."

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas--"Player is a young man working with gangs to gain respect. His mission includes murder, theft, and destruction on every imaginable level. Player recovers his health by visiting prostitutes then recovers funds by beating them to death and taking their money. Player can wreak as much havoc as he likes without progressing through the game's storyline."

God of War--"Player becomes a ruthless warrior, seeking revenge against the gods who tricked him into murdering his own family. Prisoners are burned alive and player can use 'finishing moves' to kill opponents, like tearing a victim in half."

NARC--"Player can choose between two narcotics agents attempting to take a dangerous drug off the streets and shut down the KRAK cartel while being subject to temptations including drugs and money. To enhance abilities, player takes drugs including pot, Quaaludes, ecstasy, LSD, and 'Liquid Soul'--which provides the ability to kick enemies' heads off."

Killer 7--"Player takes control of seven assassins who must combine skills to defeat a band of suicidal, monstrous terrorists. The game eventually escalates into a global conflict between the US and Japan. Player collects the blood of fallen victims to heal himself and must slit his own wrists to spray blood to find hidden passages."

The Warriors--"Based on a '70s action flick that set new standards for 'artistic violence,' a street gang battles its way across NYC in an attempt to reach its home turf. Player issues several commands to his gang, including 'mayhem,' which causes the gang to smash everything in sight."

50 Cent: Bulletproof--"Game is loosely based on the gangster lifestyle of rapper Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson. Player engages in gangster shootouts and loots the bodies of victims to buy new 50 Cent recordings and music videos."

Crime Life: Gang Wars--"Player is the leader of a ruthless street gang, spending time fighting, recruiting new gangsters, looting, and of course, more fighting. Player can roam the streets and fight or kill anyone in sight for no apparent reason."

Condemned: Criminal Origins--"Player is an FBI serial killer hunter in one of the first titles for the Xbox 360. Game emphasizes the use of melee weapons over firearms, allowing players to use virtually any part of their environment as a weapon. The next-generation graphics provide a new level of detail to various injuries, especially 'finishing moves.'"

True Crime: New York City--"Player is a NYC cop looking for information regarding the mysterious death of a friend. Player can plant evidence on civilians and shake them down to earn extra money."

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kk bagaimana cara download resident evilnya kk tolong beritahu kk plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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RavenXavier, if anything, it's the liberals who did more to try and ban violent video games than conservatives ever did. Go waaaaaay back to 1993 with the Sega CD game Mindtrap (with Dana Plato), and remember Joe Lieberman and Tipper Gore trying to band the sale of those games. That was basically what forced the creation of the ESRB rating system.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> kk bagaimana cara download resident evil4 kk plizzzzzzzz

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If "Sarah Palin" is ever elected for any serious office in the US government all their laws for games will be just like Australia's. Every time I see in the news that another game gets banned for poor Aussie gamers I just feel so bad for them and it makes me still glad that our government hasn't leaned in that direction as well.

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Fear of gangs? Seriously this list only shows gang related violence...

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@ BoshisCookie Manhunt , soldier of fortune, legacy of kain , heretic 2 , silent hill series , doom 1 2 3 and POSTAL 2 were released before 2005 and theire cooler imo -_-

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Resident Evil 4--"Player is a Special Forces agent sent to recover the President's kidnapped daughter. During the first minutes of play, it's possible to find the corpse of a woman pinned up on a wall--by a pitchfork through her face." Ah. Good times.

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He needs to remember Soldier of Fortune.

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i think u dont know how to rate games...yeah thats right.... u dont even noe wat brutal is??? where is manhunt,prototype,dead rising etc...

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There is a rating system and parental controls on the Xbox Original and the new consoles.So please leave me the %$%^ alone to kill, mame and destroy.

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Hey idiots, this is from 2005, none of those games you are naming were even out yet.

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?????? whats about fallout 3, bioshock 2/1?????

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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what about god of war 3 man!!!!!!!??????????? it is the violent game ever.

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X-men origins: Wolverine?

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seriously... gta isnt that violent. HELLO!!!! MANHUNT? POSTAL? At least Ninja Gaiden? Seriously, content in games like GTA does not constitute as violence. Idiots...

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this list is bull **** i mean come on i could redo this list in a heartbeat and make everyone happy. Where is Soldier of Fortune or Manhunt? The family media guide is communist i tell you!

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I was expecting postal 2 to be no.1 here...Seriously, not even manhunt made it here?

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i mean you cant miss the clown Psycopath! :)

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Yeah Manhunt should own this list PS:no dead rising?

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I am totally with Kang, WTH is freakin Manhunt. I played the hell outa that game and def deserves to rank in this list. Hell it should rank over GTA any day. Sure you kill people and whatever and it had the hot coffee mod but it was nothing like Manhunt. Tsk tsk.

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wiat a minute!!! Wheres manhunt?

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The Warriors, should be at the top, hell YEAH... what a gay list, Resident Evil 4 is only up there because of one thing you see in the game? Pfah..... The Warriors is the most Violent game i have played

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manhnt,manhunt 2,

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That is the WORST list I have ever seen!!!!! Where's Man Hunt?! And 50c? ARE YOU ****ING SERIUOS?!!! GAYIEST LIST EVER!!! }8 - (

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lol That is hilarious NejiKusa. And I didn't know this about Killer 7 "Player collects the blood of fallen victims to heal himself and must slit his own wrists to spray blood to find hidden passages."

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LOLZ at liquid soul giving you the ability to kick peoples heads off

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this is kinda retarded. GTA:SA's violence isnt all that bad. SUre you can kill tons of people but it all looks real fake...

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This list is bullcrap, the warriors and GTA SA should be replaced with scarface and manhunt

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Ok...where in the world is Soldier of Fortune 2? WTF...

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HAHA! This is one funny-ass joke. Yeah you can find a lady pinned up by a pitchfork in RE4. Better than being pinned up by stupid parents for thinking you kid is going to do the same to the neighbors cat.

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Manhunt is the most violent game of all time and it isn't even mentioned!

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True Crime? violent? Max Payne is more violent....

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that is not wat true crime of new york is all about! did u play the game?

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oh wait did i called NARC , Sorry that game sucks 2

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Ahem... Bulletproof violent?? pffff......... Ur crazy that game SUCKS !! that should be the #1 bad grap,bad acting,dumb story kiddy games who are just fan boys from Mr. Cent. GTA SA + NARC + The Warriors are the most REAL,FUN,GREAT violent gamez i played

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Bulletproof as a learning tool? Great idea 50 cent

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This is ******. Games do not screw people up or make them homicidal. And what about Sexually suggestive games? my dad wouldn't let me get srs cos there was a bikibi girl on the cover. WTF

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I think it's another case where the government shifts the blame to another industry, which is the gaming industry. There is no proven theory that video games make people become psychos, lunatics, and derranged people. I think the number one cause of crime, violence, and issues in this world is money. Now, if you dont agree with me on this, then you're absolutely nuts. Just think about it. What do people complain about most? Why do families fall apart? Why do wars occur? Why are there homeless people? World hunger? Epidemic wars and battles going on all over the world. And we dont even know it. All over what? Money.

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This is soooooo idiotic, do they think that violent games cause people to become psychos? I'm fourteen, and I've played RE4 and GTA: San Andreas, and I have yet to kill anyone (in real life, that is. The games were absolute kill-fests :) ) In the news today, there is yet another video-game crackdown on violence, because of claims that they are overly violent. Was SAW banned? it may have been a movie, not a game, but that shouldn't make a difference. This government is justtrying to turn us communist :)

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I'm not going to say how stupid this is since everyone else pretty much feels the same way I do about this. I'm just going to say one thing: they really should've replaced 50 Cent with Manhunt.

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They should just shut up already because nothing is going to change, it's just annoying.

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The "fight" against violence (no pun intended) in videogames is a battle that will never be won by the group who started it. In other words, there's something called freedom. Video game companies can release whatever they want, whenever they want. The ESRB was designed to rate the games, not to criticize them. When family networks overlook these ratings, and target these games, they hold no ground. The reason why the game has a rating of "M" for "Mature", or 17+ is because they are obviously not meant to be played by 6 year olds. The more violent games are obviously geared towards older players. Video games aren't supposed to be real. They're fantasy. Sure, they may be reality based, but that doesn't mean the games are teaching anyone violence. Everyone knows what a gun is or a knife. All the 8 year old boys watch the Spiderman movies (that have guns. knives. murders. ) with their mommies and daddies. What makes a person truely violent is their mental state, not the game. The world is a dirty place. **** happens, and everyone has at least one problem or flaw. It's natural, and no one's perfect.

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This is something stupid cause the thing is that the list wont prevent the games from selling it will be the contrary the people are going to read it and say '' it's possible to find the corpse of a woman pinned up on a wall--by a pitchfork through her face. COOL I HAVE TO GET THAT GAME !!!! so please let the games be cause you talk like if this games were meant to be played by little childrens and they are not they are M 17+ so stop messing whit someone elses buissness.

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I just think that's dumb. I mean it's not like most of us are gonna get screwed up by playing videogames. I just hate those watch groups that watch videogames and say "ALL VIDEOGAMES ARE BAAADD!!!!". They are just hypocritical, if you think about it. They bash games but yet they're watching like, i don't know, maybe like SE7EN?! Besides, there are MUCH worse games out there. RE4 isn't killing humans, THEY'RE ZOMBIES that look like they're still alive because a...i aint gonna spoil it for those who havent played it yet, but still. C'mon, it's just games...not real life.

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Resident Evil 4--"Player is a Special Forces agent sent to recover the President's kidnapped daughter. During the first minutes of play, it's possible to find the corpse of a woman pinned up on a wall--by a pitchfork through her face." actually its an axe thorugh the face and i am 12 and when i saw that i just though "thats sick" but not in a "sexist" way more of a "thats pretty gory and bloody" type of way. i am enjoying this game LOADS and im honest with you, i woundn't say its bloody unless villagers take a head shot or the chainsaw guy and when i saw him, i didnt want to go to go onto the street and kill people. games dont make you want to kill. im 12 im a female and i want to play resident evil 4. its dosnet make me want to go on a kill-fest but it does hel[p me stay alert

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.... so you played the first ten minutes of RE4 then. ha.... ha.... you talk like hoes are part of the damn storyline. Is that even in san andreas? i remember that being on a GTA3 cheat sheet because it was so damn hard to even figure out ... i could write sooooooo much more. something wrong wit everything... but i already submitted that.. and it cut me off after i was done tlakin about san andreas.... which really really really pissed me off