10 Cloverfield Lane Star Discusses "Secrecy" Of New JJ Abrams Movie

"I forgot that that was going to happen."


These days films are teased and promoted so far in advance, that it was a genuine surprise when the trailer for the JJ Abrams-produced 10 Cloverfield Lane hit last month. The mysterious new thriller is released next month, and is seemingly connected to Abrams' 2008 monster movie hit Cloverfield. Now star Mary Elizabeth Winstead has revealed a few more details about the production and what we can expect.

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Speaking to EW, Winstead discussed the secretive nature of the production. "We were making this movie in this little bubble," she said. "Nobody else knew what we were doing and there's really only three actors in the whole thing, so it kind of felt like this really intimate experience. Now that it's about to come out, it's sort of crazy--like, 'Oh yeah, people are excited to see this movie.' I forgot that that was going to happen."

Winstead appears alongside John Goodman and John Gallagher Jr. The actress explained that much of the drama would come from the interplay of the small cast. "It's so much about just the actors interacting with each other and that tension that builds," she said. "Wondering if they are who they say the are, if they're telling the truth or not, and really wondering what's outside."

It has been rumoured that the film was originally shot as a standalone movie called Valencia, which was rewritten and retitled in 2015 to tie it into Cloverfield. In 2014, Winstead referred to the production as Valencia, as did Variety when Goodman's casting was announced. In this most recent interview, Winstead commented: "As production went on there were rewrites, as there usually are, but nothing that was major."

10 Cloverfield Lane is directed by Dan Trachtenberg, making his directing debut. It is due to be released on March 11, 2016.

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