1 million gamers get Acclaim-ed

Free-to-play-MMOG publisher rings up 1 millionth user in just over a year under the Acclaim Games name.


If there's one thing that attracts attention, it's the promise of something free. If anyone needed more proof of that notion, they only need to hear the latest news out of Acclaim Games.

The publisher, which produces free-to-play massively multiplayer online games such as BOTS and 2Moons, recently logged its 1 millionth registered user. Currently, Acclaim uses in-game advertising and microtransactions to fund its games.

The Acclaim name was resurrected in late 2005 when former Activision executive Howard Marks secured the rights for a reported $100,000.

Acclaim's chief creative officer is David Perry, founder of Shiny Entertainment, who recently revealed the upcoming user-generated Top Secret!. For more on Perry and Top Secret!, read GameSpot's Q&A or watch a video interview conducted during GDC 2007.

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