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$1 For This Trilogy Of Shooters On Steam--Today Only

Bang for your buck.


For one day only--ending October 23 and available in limited supply--you can get the Sniper: Ghost Warrior Trilogy from Fanatical for just $1. That's three games for a buck, or $0.33 each. Not a bad deal if you're interested in dipping your trigger finger into this series of PC shooters. Once you make your purchase, you'll instantly get a code you can redeem on Steam.

Released between 2008 and 2013, the Sniper: Ghost Warrior trilogy was developed and published by the Polish game maker City Interactive (which also made Lords of the Fallen). The trilogy puts you behind the scope of a sniper rifle and has you take out enemy soldiers across a variety of missions. When you make your kills, the game slows down and zooms in to display a close-up view of the splattering gore. If you turn up the difficulty level, you'll also have to take into consideration real-life sniper considerations like wind speed and direction, your breath and heartbeat, and gravity's pull on the bullet.

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The first game in the trilogy, Sniper: Art of Victory, is a World War II shooter that didn't fare so well in reviews, getting a 36 from our sister site Metacritic. The next installment, Sniper: Ghost Warrior got dinged for having odd bullet physics and bad enemy AI, though the online multiplayer mode fared better than the campaign. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 improved upon the others in nearly every way, with only a handful of minor problems keeping it from a wholehearted recommendation.

If this sounds like a series you want to try, make sure to head over to Fanatical and grab it before it's gone.

[This story has been updated with the correct list of titles included in the trilogy bundle.]

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