1,800 Minecraft Passwords Compromised by Phishing, Not Hacking, Mojang Says

If you didn't get an email from Mojang, you're probably safe.

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Earlier this week, German publication Heise reported that 1,800 Minecraft accounts were compromised and leaked online, but Minecraft developer Mojang explained that it wasn't hacked.

Writing on the company's official website, Mojang's Owen hill explained that the compromised accounts were fooled into giving up their information with a phishing scam. Basically, some "bad people," as Hill said, pretended to be Mojang in order to give up their private details.

"No-one has gained access to the Mojang mainframe," Hill said. "Even if they did, we store your passwords in a super encrypted format. Honestly, you don’t need to panic."

Hill added that Mojang already emailed everyone who's affected and reset their passwords, so if you didn't get an email you probably don't need to worry. However, if you want to be extra careful, you can change your password at minecraft.net/resetpassword, and address any other support issues at help.mojang.com.

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