$1,469 Steam Machine from Digital Storm vows to "defy the cookie-cutter mold"

"This hybrid Steam Machines doesn't make any compromises for performance."

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Gaming manufacturer Digital Storm has announced its very own Steam Machine, with the first details made available to The Verge. The company isn't trying to compete against the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 on price, like the $499 iBuyPower machine, but will instead start at $1,469 aimed at players who desire performance above all else.

"Digital Storm is going to defy the cookie-cutter mold of small form factor systems," the company boasted through a teaser website for the system. "With its advanced thermal design, this hybrid Steam Machine doesn’t make any compromises for performance."

Details for Digital Storm's Steam Machine are lacking right now, but the company said more information about the system will be shared at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show next month. Valve is also expected to share more news about its own Steam Machine at the event.

As for what we do know, Digital Storm said the system will feature liquid cooling for the PC, as well as an advanced thermal-management system of some kind. The Steam Machine can also dual-boot Windows and SteamOS, allowing gamers to play titles for both operating systems.

Configuration options include a GeForce GTX Titan graphics card and a 700W power supply. The system is 4.4 inches wide, 14.1 inches deep, and 16.4 inches tall.

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