007 Racing Hands-On

James Bond takes to the road in EA's upcoming drive-and-shoot spy adventure.


The build of 007 Racing (the title is still tentative and will almost certainly change) shown on the floor at E3 is a little early, but the one mission that we saw was pretty action-packed. You play as James Bond behind the wheel of his Aston Martin, and you must collect a cache of stinger missiles, break through an armed guard station, take out a tank or two, and shoot down a helicopter with your heat-seeking stingers.

While the game has a touch of Need for Speed flair, the control has been greatly simplified to accommodate the need for additional action buttons. Driving is as simple as a forward and reverse button, and the HUD consists of a general car health meter, weapons information, and a small pop-up screen that will display the helicopter once you've got it locked in your sights.

It was pretty fun to just drive in circles, mowing down guards with the car's machine guns. I have a feeling that this one will turn out to be a pretty amazing PlayStation game.

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