007 Racing Hands-On

Get behind the wheel of James Bond's Aston Martin and fight it out in Electronic Arts' latest Bond game, 007 Racing. Did we mention that you'll have to fight a helicopter?


Just about every James Bond-related game released up to this point has been an adventure. But 007 Racing (working title) plans to change all that. No, it's not a mascot-based kart-racing game with a bigheaded Pierce Brosnan spitting out oil slicks and turtle shells. From what we've seen so far, 007 Racing looks as though it will take a more noble approach, merging the linear courses of the Need For Speed series with the car-combat stylings of Vigilante 8.

As Bond, you'll race along numerous courses in some of the classic tricked-out Bond vehicles, made by Aston Martin, Lotus, and BMW. Of course, each car will have some, shall we say, aftermarket modifications, adding lots of weapons to your ride, such as machine guns, missiles, mine droppers, rockets, and - every spy's favorite - the oil slick. Over 15 levels will be included in the game, some of which will inspired by actual Bond movie sequences.

While the name may not be final, this Eutechnyx-developed racer-shooter looks like it should pack a pretty mean punch. Look for more information and hands-on impressions as E3 continues.

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