007 Racing E3 Hands-On

EA takes the high-adrenaline car- chase scenes from Bond films and turns them into a mission-based PlayStation racer. Read our hands-on impressions to see if this game is more than just another Need For Speed.


007 Racing puts you in the middle of a high-speed James Bond car chase. EA is using a modified version of its Need For Speed engine, giving the game a real racing feel to it. When I first heard of this game, I'll admit I thought it would be a cheesy car-combat game that used the Bond license in an attempt to appeal to a broader audience. I'm glad to say that playing the game actually convinced me otherwise.

There was only one mission available in the demo version shown at at E3. You had to drive Bond's modified Austin Martin into a highly fortified castle, pick up a prototype Stinger missile, take out a few tanks, and then use the missile to dispose of a helicopter that had been chasing you. Once that was done you crossed the Estonian border and you were home free. The nice thing is that the game doesn't play like your typical car-combat game - mostly because you're not actually fighting other cars. You really get the sense that you're actually in a Bond car chase, as you've got all the cool bond weapons. Your car shoots missiles and drops oil slicks, and it has a machine-gun and even has a smoke screen. In a sense, 007 Racing is deeply inspired by games like Spy Hunter.

The bottom line is this game is more than just your run-of-the-mill car-combat game. The mission objectives and storyline really flesh out the game. As it stands, the game has a lot of promise. I'm excited about this one.

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