Very Fun playing with a friend or online but the singleplayer could have been better

User Rating: 6.5 | Army of Two PS3
The story was okay, the characters were also okay but the best part of the game was definitely the gun customization, every gun had its unique parts and upgrades. The aggro effect i found should not have been put in the game because one player can create aggro while the other just kills all the enemies that are attacking the first player, giving it an easy way to beat the game. The missions were very repetitive for example the one last level, you were tasked to get to the top of the building to kill the boss. In order to do this you had to go from floor to floor to get there and on almost every floor were the same enemies the whole way up. Also the use of vehicles were fun but could have been used more often, for example the hang gliders, one player had to steer the hang glider while the other kills enemies in the area. All in all I would recommend renting it first