Army of Two is a thrilling two-man-tactics based game that requires you to depend on your partner to succeed.

User Rating: 6 | Army of Two PS3
Army of Two is a great third-person shooter game that focuses on you and your partner working as a team in order to complete the missions. It starts out with the main characters in the army, but then they decide to drop out and join a private military organization called the SSC. Here, they (you) complete missions for money, which you can use to buy new weapons, or to upgrade the ones you already owned. The ability to customize your weapons is, in my opinion, one of the greatest features of the game.
Graphics - 7
Graphics are good, nothing really amazing though.

Sound - 5
Average, just what one would expect in a game.

Story - 7
Good story line that keeps you interested, but it can get sort of "corny" at times.

Gameplay - 9
Great gameplay; aggro feature is great. Also, the ability to "pimp" your guns as well as adding many attachments to it make it highly addictive. Very fun.

Replay Value - 2
Not a lot of reasons to play this again unless you and your friend are bored one day.

Multiplayer - 7
Fun multiplayer, this game is perfect to play with a friend.

Pros: Great partner gameplay, fun multiplayer.
Cons: No replay value
Trophy Difficulty: N/A (No Trophies)

Overall - 6.0
This game is fun, I'm not sure why people seem to dislike it so often. It is definately worth playing but once you beat it, theres no reason to play it again.