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#1 henraman
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ok gamers, we like army of two yes? Devils Cartel wasn't great yes? Even if you disagree but want to try and make a new story line with me please show some interest i'm working on something atm. First things i think HAVE to change, Alpha and Bravo, i don't like em, we need salem and rios back together, i will get back to this point with my story line proposal, the weapon and character, especially mask was brilliant though some tweaks should be made it wasn't bad. if you agree on me so far i think we are in business and should try to make this forum big enough for EA to take notice and try to save army of two, let me know if ya'll interested as personally i'm not interested in money or credit for the game i just want army of two back the way it should be. I'm writing a draft of the main jist of the story and i'll have it up in a couple of days.