Army Men: Sarge's War Cheats For GameCube

  1. Unlock codes

    Pause the game, hold the Left Trigger, then enter the following codes and once entered release the Left Trigger:

    Effect Effect
    Right, X, X, Y, X All Weapons
    Up, Right, Up, Down, X Alter Lighting
    Down, Up, X, Y, X Buddy Decals
    Left, Up, Right, Down, X Fish Eye View
    Up, Left, Right, Up, X Invisible Mode
    Left, Down, Up, Right, X Slow Motion
    Right, Up, Up, Down, X Wacky Fade

    Contributed by: giftedape 

Army Men: Sarge's War Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Paused game codes

    The game must be paused when these codes are entered.

    Effect Effect
    hold L1 and press: Up, Left, Right, Up, circle become invisible
    hold L1 and press: Left, Up, Right, Down, circle slow motion
    hold L1 and press: Right, circle, circle, triangle, circle unlock all level weapons

    Contributed by: sharpshooter518 

Army Men: Sarge's War Cheats For Xbox

  1. Codes

    Pause game play then enter the following code

    Effect Effect
    hold Left and press Right, B,B, Y, B All weapons
    hold L and press Right, Up,Up, Down, B Alternate fade
    hold L and press Up, Right, Up, Down, B Alternate lighting
    hold L and press Down, Up, B, Y, B Beagle holes, footprints, and burns
    hold L and press Left, Up, Right, Down, B Fish Eye camera
    hold L and press Up, Left, Right, Up, B Invisible mode
    hold L and press Left, Down, Up, Right, B Slow-motion mode

    Contributed by: lilobaggins