Although it's not very flashy set up alongside other N-64 games, this game is still a classic worth playing.

User Rating: 8 | Army Men: Sarge's Heroes N64
This game really belongs in anyone's childhood. It's not a "Run 'n Gun", "Blow everything up", or anything else one would expect from a shooter game. It feels like a childish game, sure, but that's not a bad thing. It's always been a unique, but not all that popular game, and really fits as a classic.

The dynamic levels make the game feel very appropriate, from strangely large sandboxes to kitchens and everything in between. The maps are fun to travel through, can be pretty hectic, and simply feel "to scale". Every map is large and just waiting to be explored. Some are difficult, some will get you RIGHT before the end (making you want to throw your controller, but strangely pick it back up later), and others will be fun to travel through. Campaign maps are large and very many, with plenty of variety to keep Sarge and his compatriots on their plastic toes. Multiplayer maps are very memorable, three in particular being a large military island, a sand castle, and a bathroom (deadly bathtub included).

Controls are not as precise as I would like, but when you're dealing with plastic fingers, that's to be expected. Jumping can be hazardous to your green man's health, and should be handled with the utmost care. Especially when you're jumping over a gap in the furniture or Christmas presents. Running can be a bit troublesome but can be overcome with practice. Aiming requires skill, which is a nice way to say that it's difficult, but that's something I appreciate very much. Aiming shouldn't be point and click (with instant success- *bl-am* the enemy army is dead). The camera can be a bit troublesome, however it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

The storyline is very fun. Sure, it's to be expected- "enemy army is gathering weapons of mass destruction! Stop them!", but it still manages to be unique. You progress from the comfort zone of small buildings and small landscapes to kitchens and giant outdoor areas, all the while chasing evil tan people or shutting down a terrifying "Army-man to spider" machine. That said, your wide variety of objectives (among other things) definitely catapults this game to the level of "Old-school classic". Heck, I replayed the tutorial mission at least a few dozen times, not to mention the whole campaign.

Weapons are fun, no doubt about it. Using a flamethrower or bazooka, when it is completely unnecessary, is the best feeling in the game. Though the targeting is a bit difficult. Blasting your friends with a mortar, with a handy green target, is really fun. Clearing out a whole bunch of tan people with a machine gun is awesome. And the good news: these weapons are all over the place.

Multiplayer is not everything one would expect. It's one of those things that nobody has the patience for anymore. Old graphics just don't appeal to a lot of people. However, when you have four highly fun-oriented people attacking each other in various explosive manners, it can rival even modern multiplayer games.

There are a lot of campaign missions which means there is a lot of game play (usually 1-2 hours each). To begin, playing through the campaign is a rewarding experience somehow. You feel like you are accomplishing a small part of a greater goal (which ultimately culminates in taking down the tan man). The missions are varied. Cut scenes are fun to watch and feel like they should be a part of some old memory. I haven't played the game in quite a while, but I still remember it very well, and I wouldn't have it any other way- remembering a game is a great thing any producer would want imparted on their audiences. Old-timey "level progress" codes included.

*Final analysis*
A really fun way to spend some down time with or without friends. It's not all the rage, or even vaguely popular, but with a little bit of understanding this game could be a long-lasting memory that anyone should experience.

*Additional material*
Easter eggs! Well, not really, but cheat codes. Turning into another plastic character is an incredibly fun thing to do to ease the difficulty of levels. Look them up- you'll love them.