THIS GAME IS NOT A 4.2! Never! This game is so much fun! what the crap Gamespot?!

User Rating: 7 | Army Men: Sarge's Heroes N64
The memories of this game! dang I'de rent it all the time and play it. I loved the couch mulitplayer map and the whole gameplay. I could play it with my friends forever!

A 4.2 is not this game at all it deserves so much more. it was one of the ascential games with a Nintendo 64. You mite disagree with me but It is.

Multiplayer was so much fun...... I really miss this game.. wish they made another one or something......


The Graphics are not bad I very much like them and how they are just plain green and yellow.

The Story doesn't really matter but the fun is deffinetly there and the multiplayer online is the most fun shooter besides Goldeneye of course. for the Nintendo 64.

ha i have had great memories with this game and i really miss it. the multiplayer was some of the most fun multiplayer back then. and the maps were so fun. the campaign is cool and the green people are awesome!

i love this game.