Purchased it for $2, and i can see why.

User Rating: 4.5 | Army Men: Sarge's Heroes N64
I never saw the 90s film based around these little green men, but i knew all about the figures. They were barrels of fun, and you can do a whole lot of things with them, if you had enough of them. I would first invision a strategy game. Maybe a little basic, but it would be playable. So what makes this game UNplayable?
First of all, the game is based around the main character: the Sarge. Unlike my first prediction, of a possible strategy game, they went along with the third person shooter. That is all fine and dandy. There are a whole slew of good third person shooters: Hitman, Splinter Cell, Resident Evil 4, GTA, etc. However, those games didn't need precision targeting. Hitman and Splinter Cell were based on stealth, so if the combat was bad (which it isn't) then it would be ok. Resident Evil's combat has been known to be par, however, that's what makes it quite fun, since it wouldn't have been as scary if you had a minigun, and all (3D) GTA's have an auto-targeting system. What Sarge's Heroes is missing is all of the above. The shooting system is extremely poor. Sure, most units get killed after 1 shot, but to get that shot requires nerves of steel. You will probably over aim your target multiple times, since the controls are so sensitive. However, that didn't make the game hard. The enemy had this problem that made them take a 5 minute break after each shot, and therefore, when facing infantry, you're given the time to shoot them. Regardless, the targeting was a problem. The second main problem is obviously the design, and the lack of it. The ground looked like a blender puked out green and brown, the buildings tan and brown, and the enemies, tan and.... tan. The introduction scene describes how "Tan is evil" or something. Again, this would be fine, except that there are no voices when this happens. The game loses tons of points for no voices during cutscenes. Back to the visuals, the characters are a mess, and are very "bitty". The HUD is pretty pitiful. In short, the game looked poorly done. I stopped playing after 30 minutes, since i got bored. The tank section is a **** and i thought to myself, "I could be doing something better with my time" This game, in my mind, falls very close to Superman 64. Bad graphics, poor controls, and bad cutscenes (as well as a whole other things).