It's great games like this that seem to just fall through the cracks of gaming history.

User Rating: 8.8 | Army Men: Sarge's Heroes N64
Of course you can't really compare this game to something from the modern day, but doing that would just be stupid anyway. Whatever though, this game is really quite addictive as you fight the your way through the toy world as well as such nostalgic real word places such as the bathroom, kitchen, and sandbox. Through out the game you fight your way through droves of little tan men as the mean green Sarge in an attempt to regroup with your scattered squad. You'll never fell alone though, they'll always be enough Tans to smash as you ultimately fight your way to the evil tan dictator General Plastro for a final confrontation in the bathroom. What is it with bathrooms and these people? Who knows, but it makes for good game play. If you were one of those kid that wanted to melt Army Mne, this is the game for you(Flame thrower + Plastic Men=bubbling pile of goo.)