Sarge's Heroes is just like any other Army Men game. It sucks.

User Rating: 4.5 | Army Men: Sarge's Heroes N64
The Army Men video game series has never been a popular one. Its games are either broke, dissapointing, or both. And let me assure that this game isn't much different then the prententious crap 3DO was pulling out of their rears before they went bankrupt.

Gameplay,4. The way the game works is you are Sargent Hawk; one of the leaders of the Green Army or something, the series has never really specified on that before, and you have to get through the stage and do all the missions. Each mission generally involves getting from point A to B. On the way you have to avoid getting killed by the Tan troops, who usually die in one or two shots, and if you die you have to start the stage all over again. Aside from the campaign there is the multiplayer where you can play with 2-4 players on several different stages, from Plastro's Fortress all the way to the Bathroom.
Now at first this sounds like the grounds of a good game, but let me assure it's not. Sarge moves in a pretty linear fashion, in the sense that he really only goes one direction at a time. If you have Tan trooper to the side of you or worse, behind you, then you have to turn around and kill him. Sarge turns around pretty slow for a soldier getting shot, so expect to take some unfair hits because there was a Tan troop you didn't know was there and you couldn't kill him in time before you took some damage. It gets even better after that. When you turn in a different direction the camera lags behind you, meaning that if you turn to your right the camera won't make face that direction until only a second or two after turing that direction, this also will get you shot cheaply. As if the cheapness of the game wasn't bad enough they make you start the whole mission over after you die. This can get especially frusturating if you are only a few minutes away from winning the mission and you then get killed by some guy who haves a rocket launcher or a flame thrower, there is also the occasional tank there to kill you in one shot too.
The multiplayer is all right despite the poor gameplay. Since all players have to deal with the same crappy controls and camera you can all "enjoy" the multiplayer equally.

Graphics,5. The graphics or okay. The soldiers look all right considering that they're plastic toys and everything. None of them, with the exception of Captain Plastro, have any real detail to their features, although I did exclude Vikki, but she looks more like some manly Barbie doll then a plastic toy. But the different locations of the game look medicore at best. The textures are often blurry, bland, and just don't look good altogether.

Sound, 6. This is the only part of the game that is really passable. Most of the sounds match their environments, but many of them are short and will often loop which can get a little annoying.

Value,5. Despite a decently sized campaign mode and multiplayer, the game doesn't have that much value to it. Getting through the campaign mode will seem more lie a chore to get all the characters, then something you could actually enjoy. Even the multiplayer doesn't have that much lasting value to it. There are only 8 stages, most with predictable, bland designs to them. Even though there are plenty of characters to use, none of them have any difference at all to them so unlocking them all doesn't have much reward to it. The one thing I like about the multiplayer is you can choose which color you want to be: Green, Tan, Blue, and Grey.

Difficulty, Hard. The game is hard not because it challenges your skill at 3rd person shooters, but tests your patience with cheap gameplay, and the memorization of where certain dangerous Tan troops, or tanks, are. Pair the cheap gameplay with unforgiving lack of checkpoints you have a pretty hard game, but not in the good challenging way, the kind of cheap hard that makes you want to throw you controller at the TV screen.

Tilt, 4. I don't like this game. You would think the concept of a video game where you fight as the classic toy soldiers would be a fun kind of game, and an easy concept that even a failure of a company like even 3DO could get right, but then again, they did go bankrupt, and for a good reason.