I can still remeber parts from the game...I guess that is a good thing.

User Rating: 3.8 | Army Men: Sarge's Heroes PS
Ohhh where to start where to start. Well I can't blame them for the graphics it was released in 2000, and on PS. But, I still have some good memories saving all of your friends and ummm it goes on and on and on with no challenge I don't even remeber dying once in the game. But, when you shoot people with a flamethrower and they get all melty thats preatty cool right?
The boot camp is fun right? Driving around and blowing stuff up with tanks and bazzokas. Terrorizing the town folk right? WRONG! Maybe it is because I have not played this for a long time. That is why I am giving it a bad review right? Probably not! But, the multiplayer is cool you know splitscreen? Ya it is kinda cool I guess. So I leave you with these words: DON'T BUY DON'T BUY!!!