User Rating: 6 | Army Men: Sarge's Heroes N64

So many critics will often overlook a game for being unique or different and give it a negative review. If only they sat back and thought about what they were writing and decided to be a little more humble to the little guys. In this case Army Men: Sarge's heroes. Yes the game does have issues, but what about how fun the gameplay is or how memorable the score is, and though the levels aren't anything great or worth praising they are very fun. I personally adore this game, it really does bring me back to my youth. I remember my brother, our best friend and I playing this game a lot, and man did we ever have fun with its multiplayer, we spent hours and hours clicking away at our 64 controllers. Now I'm not saying that Army Men: Sarge's Heroes is only a good game because I love it, NO I'm saying that when putting my love for it aside, it is still a very good game. Overall if you haven't played this game yet, don't let what the reviewers said keep you from it, because besides it's flaws, it is still (like I said earlier) ...A VERY GOOD GAME.