An average frustrating shooter

User Rating: 6 | Army Men Advance GBA
This game is pretty simple but can be frustratingly hard. The graphics are actually pretty good looking and the controls are decent yet annoying, the main problem with the game is that it gets very hard and frustrating. You actually have to race to another door before it closes once you press a button. It was so dumb and made the game very hard to continue playing. The death animation was very annoying as well, you get the same sounds repeated over and over again. That goes for the death animation as well as bullets, explosions, ect. The controls are actually pretty annoying, and navigating through the game was tough. The reason being because you only move in 4 directions and there are so many obstacles in the way and it gets annoying maneuvering around them while you have to race to the door. Bullets move very slowly, this might be the Army Man style but it was pretty easy to dodge bullets from the enemies yet pretty hard to hit them. Overall I would not recommend this game to anyone, there are so many other GBA games out there and this should not be on anybody's must buy list, even Army Men fans.