Flying Or extended boost.

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I hope they bring back the flying aspect that was removed from part 5. Also i hope there is more items and loot to obtain this tme around.One of the best things about AC was the way you can tweak and alter your AC . EX. making a very light mech with A huge Gen, laser blade and Rifle and being able to bolt around the battlefield endlessly with out loosing charge.

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That is the lamest idea I have ever heard for thsi series.  How is it realistic?  Thats always been the challenge is out manuevering and gunning your opponents  and or out smarting them.  Being able to fly around forever is stupid series was never about that, this isn't gundam this is armored core.

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Wow they totally destroyed this game, for all of you that would like to get into this game just go out and buyArmored Core: For Answer withc is one of the best games in the series.

You get to fly and the game is nice and quick, what this game was all about.

Also you want to play any of the older games to sharpen your skills in the arena, witch is why I got into this game.

Now their's no arena, no flying and the Armore Cores seem slow, and they made them smaller, lame! I would fire the person that came up with all these changes..... please go back to what armored core was......

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I have given up hope after armored core 4.  It never got any better and frankly hated for answere, was so short was like wow that was easy...


I love the first 2 games not including the arored core 2 expansion just armored core 2 and 3, those games were the best in the series, hell the playstation one game was pretty great for it's time and have it too, but never actually played much of it.


They just need to end the series, it's clear they either lack funding, or have the wrong people making the series. It's all about mp and honestly who the hell cares at this point?


mp games in general are unappealing too me anymore, they are boring and a waste of my time so no longer play them. Only reason I even still have live is that once in a long while my friends will all get on and play a few games of halo 4, then I'm off of it for a long while again, mostly use it for demos and or installing games at a cheaper prce like the crysis 3 game recently 20 bucks.

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If this is anything like the last one, it's going to suck! I've been playing this series since the original game, and it's always had the hovering and flight in it, to take that away is like destroying the game. My favorite was For Anwsers as it was a quick pace challenging game that keep you on your toes if you had it on Hard mode. I specialy liked building White Flint as he was an awesome core, if your slow on reaction time and like slower games this is not the game for you. Another thing worht mentioning is to please put back the arena I loved chalenging myself VS other players robots, to sharpen my skills againts diferent core's. Also please please bring back single player missions. On the other hand If you like srategy play Chrome Hounds withc is all about strategy, Mechwarrior, Mechcommander, Heavy Gear these game might just be the slow speed your looking for.

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Wow what a boring video looks boooooooooring. 

For one I didn't care for the last armored core V, I don't play online so director mode didn't intrest me at all, I like single player missions building cores and the ARENA maybe they should just make a Armored Core For Answers 2. That game was awesome.

I liked the avility to build a robot that could fly for extended periods of time and was fast as hell, in the new one, you can jump(lame) and the cores are just not as fas as they where in ACFA, I didn't buy the last one and it looks like I won't be buying this one either. Well thanks Armored core for the fun times, but I'll be moving on.

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Ya I will likely start playing armored core 2 again when I have more time off, I miss that game, though it's really dated by now I loved how you can get emails from arena players make money to improve your mech, was way more fun and satisfying, now they just do it for you.