A.C.O.D. - Alpha now recruiting

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Advance Combat Operational Detachment - Alpha is now recruiting members. All players of any skills are welcome to join. The A.C.O.D. - Alpha or "Alpha Detachment" was inspired by the S.F.O.D. A. (Special Forces Operational Detachment - Alpha). The A.C.O.D. - Alpha is a semi-serious and casual fun team that uses basic military tactics, camaraderie, friendship, and good sportsman ship.

Any vets or service people are allowed to join especially.

We understand that life just gets in the way of things, that's why we look to play on the weekends and sometimes on the week days if we can.

Please no kids, 17+


About myself: I played ChromeHounds when I first got XBL, I met some good people, mad a lot of friends, and had some good times. When the servers shut down, of all that ended. Now I'm looking to get some new people together and bring back the good times.