Armored Core: Nine Breaker Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Unlockable Parts - Training

    The following are a list of parts unlocked by meeting requirements in Training Mode. Thanks to Aileron for all the great work.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get 15 Gold Ranks AWH12PL-ETTIN(L-Arm)
    Get 135 Gold Ranks AWH12PL-ETTIN(R-Arm)
    Clear Attack Category CR-WB03CGH(Back Unit)
    Get 30 Gold Ranks CR-WB03LGL2(Back Unit)
    Clear Special Category CR-WH01HP(L-Arm)
    Get 60 Gold Ranks CR-WH01SP(R-Arm)
    Get 120 Gold Ranks CR-WH05BP(L-Arm)
    Clear Overall Category CR-WH05BP(R-Arm)
    Have Technic and Special category appear in the Training Menu(Clear 45 Training Missions) CR-WH05RLA(R-Arm)
    Have Overall category appear in the Training Menu(Clear 105 Training Missions) SYAKATSURA(Back Unit)
    Clear Technic Category WB32L-CERBERUS(Back Unit)
    Get 105 Gold Ranks WB33PL-SKYLLA2(Back Unit)
    Get 90 Gold Ranks WH08RS-FENRIR(R-Arm)
    Get 45 Gold Ranks WH09H-WRAITH(R-Arm)
    Clear Defense Category WH10M-SILKY(L-Arm)
    Get 75 Gold Ranks WH11PU-PERYTON(L-Arm)
    Clear Move Category WH11PU-PERYTON(R-Arm)
    Get 150 Gold Ranks YH12-MAYFLY(Head)

    Contributed by: mordous 

  2. Unlockable Parts - Arena Mode

    The Following is a list of parts unlocked by earning different Ranks. Thanks to Aileron for all the hard work.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Achieve Rank 1 CR-H05XS-EYE3(Head)
    Achieve Rank A CR-WB03MV(Back Unit)
    Achieve Rank B CR-WH01HP(R-Arm)
    Achieve Rank 15 CR-WH01SP(R-Arm)
    Achieve Rank 30 CR-WH05RLA(L-Arm)
    Achieve Rank 25 WB34M-ECHIDNA2(Back Unit)
    Achieve Rank 20 WH08RS-FENRIR(L-Arm)
    Achieve Rank 10 WH09H-WRAITH(L-Arm)
    Achieve Rank 5 WH10M-SILKY(R-Arm)

    Contributed by: mordous 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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