An intense Mech Sim game, if you have time to commit fully- this game would be great with a refresh and on a full-screen

User Rating: 6.5 | Armored Core: Formula Front PSP
Wins: Great customization ability, many different mech styles available

Fails: Game does not offer good system of comparing parts, learning curve is steep, manual controls aren't usable, Camera system in battle is wacky


Focus on – Gameplay: I was really excited to get Armored Core – I was thinking I would build the mech of my dreams, it would be awesome, and I would tear through this game for a fun 20 or 30 hours. WRONG. First of all, the learning curve in AC:FF is steep – with the help and in-game assistance system offering only the very basics in terms of learning the game, AC:FF leaves the player to fumble around in the dark like…well, a certain first experience we've all had.

And while there is an incredible amount of parts available to customize your mech, there is no system for comparing part types. So, you have to mix and match parts almost at random to find success.

I literally built an excel spreadsheet with all the part metrics, and began data-filtering to build my mechs. The outcome? A "C" rated bot which, albeit it won its match, left me completely unsatisfied.