This might just be the worst game I've had the unlucky chance of owning.

User Rating: 3 | Armored Core: Formula Front PSP
Before reading my review you must take this as a note: I am DEFINITELY NOT THIS GAME'S AUDIENCE. I for one, hate Forza and Sims in general especially sims with machines. Without further ado, the review:

Armored Core: Formula Front is punnily enough a Formula for disaster. (Hah, two puns in one sentence). What do you get when you mix bad control, bad combat, a tweaking system that only the 3 people that enjoy this game can comprehend and the only actual way of getting through it is using the 'AI Mode'.

So, you start out with some horrible menus and make your own team. You can see your garage of a few generic mechs and go into battle. These battles are excruciatingly difficult and the only way I've found able to beat them is using AI mode, which uses the AI of your Mech to fight your opponent. So, essentially you're just watching two robots duke it out. The control is terrible if you're not using AI mode and it always seems like your opponent knows some magical way to beat you. The game also has some great features like, being thrown out of the match if you fly too high....instantly. This here will take you to a load screen....:(

The game has several tweaking options, one for your mechs and the other for your group emblem. The group Emblem customization is terrible and painting a pretty picture with an analog stick is hard. You can't even import pictures from a memory stick. The mech tweaking is incredibly complex and the poorly formatted text doesn't help but its the only actual thing some people might find fun in this game, I don't see how because you can't even make your mechs look cool.

Anyways, the game also kind of lacks modes, story, good music and oh yeah GOOD GAMEPLAY. The only reason I haven't given this game a 2 is because it doesn't look too bad. Although, maybe I'm being a little too harsh as I am DEFINITELY not who this game was made for, however, a game that pretty much makes the only viable option for you to succeed a mode where you just watch your mech fight is really setting itself up to fall. Fall very far down some jagged stairs.